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Women like long hairs but they avoid them because they thing that long hairs are difficult to style and maintain. The beauty of long hairstyles for women lies in their ease of styling and maintenance

           long hairstyles - long haircuts
If you will carry any of the stylish long hairstyles for women then it means that you can try different hairstyles everyday with out changing total length of the hairs. 

Here are some of the long hairstyles for women which are easy and stylish too. Long and layered with razor cut ends is stylish hairstyle and it is suitable for many face shapes like round face shaped women or oval and square shaped faces.

long hairstyles - long haircuts

This hairstyle is versatile and you can carry it in many ways like you can leave it loose, curls to make ringlets and even have partial updo like messy bun or even French braid. Long and curly hairs are very trendy these days.
long hairstyles - long haircuts
Romantic curls can give you a very romantic and beautiful look and curly hairstyles are popular among famous stars like Jessica Simpson and Kate Beckingsale. You can see this hairstyle frequently in red carpets. Similarly ringlets are very romantic and sexy hairstyles which are best for women with long hairs.
long hairstyles - long haircuts

You can achieve ringlets in many ways like you can use curling iron or old fashioned curlers or you can use many hairsprays available in markets for making ringlets. If you want to get a fancier look then you can sweep the ringlets in to loose messy bun and use crystal detail bobby pins for their garnishing.

long hairstyles - long haircuts

Long shag is another long hairstyle which is best to be carried both casually and formally. This hairstyle was very popular in the past and it is popular now.

long hairstyles - long haircuts

If you are carrying long shag hairstyles 2013 then you can go with razor cut, wispy bangs for a modern look. Similarly if you have high forehead then you can go with wavy hairstyle with wispy or blunt cut bangs. 

long hairstyles - long haircuts

This hairstyle is very sexy if you have naturally wavy hairs. If you have long hairs and you are looking for stylish hairstyle for your formal occasions like wedding or prom night then you are lucky that you will have many options. One of the easiest hairstyle that you can try is to keep your hairs open as they are. You can go with side partition or middle partition according to your face shape.

Vajina Resimleri

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