21st October 2014
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How To Choose a Hairstyle. Triangle Face Type

By a triangle face we mean a broad forehead and narrow sculpture (sometimes cheekbones are bigger than forehead) that sharply narrows to the chin.
The dramatic shift from a broad forehead to a narrow chin, you can mitigate the long oblique or thick straight fringe.

The recommended haircut for the triangle face is a long hair just below the chin, which can be a small fleece on top of the head. The ends of locks can be curled both inside (in this case the cheeks will look better) and outside (they will distract attention from the pointed chin).

Long hair can be smoothly combed into a straight or skew parting.

Hair spread new to the face will hide a wide forehead and cheekbones. If desired, the side locks of hair can be hair cut by steps (starting from the chin) and shape the hair inside using a hair dryer.

Tejer A Palillos

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