24th October 2014
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"Tarjetas Virtuales Para La Suegra"

Inspiration Monday Haircut and Style

Hi all! It’s been a while! I thought I’d post today and assure you I am after all, alive. I know, I know, you’re relieved (or not). I realize I didn’t post AT ALL last week, although it wasn’t on purpose. Life just got….hectic. It was a well-needed break and I feel refreshed and full of new ideas! Inspiration Monday this week was just the thing to get me back on track! A beautiful Eva Mendes in a simple, feminine look.
When I saw this look I immediately knew what belt I would wear, and that my usual bag was the perfect fit! The rest, however took some thinking. This skirt is the closest to brown I own (I don’t wear a lot of brown) and since the bank has a no-t-shirt policy I threw on this lace top before heading to work. As for the shoes, I couldn’t resist a little color so I broke away from Eva’s neutral-colored ones opting for a pretty blue.
So what has everyone been up to the last week?! I desperately need to catch up! I feel like I’ve missed so much. My week was spent mostly soaking up quality time with my Hubby and trying to find peace in all the chaos. We went to the state fair Saturday and filled up on cinnamon almonds and corn on the cob then finished the night at the opening of a new haunted attraction. (I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a severe irrational fear of werewolves like me….)
Hope your week is off to a good start! Be sure to check out what other’s came up with for Inspiration Monday over at Two Birds and expect me to be making the rounds to catch up with everyone!!

Tarjetas Virtuales Para La Suegra

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