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"Tarjeta En Pergamino Primera Comunion"

How to Make a "Fish Tail" Braid

Nice iridescent “fish-tail” or “spike” hair braids look great on thick, straight and shiny hair. This method of hair braiding allows for the reflection of light in all directions, creating an effect of aurora. For special occasions, decorate your hair with rhinestones (sold in many stores). They are glued to the studs and in any order along the entire length of the braid.

Elastic band, hair ornaments

1. Comb the hair to the back. To begin hair braiding, separate two thin hair strands, one strand starting from the left temple and another from the right temple. Each strand should be about 2,5 cm thick.
2. Cross over the strands – the right strand over the left one.
3. Holding the strands with your right hand and holding them to the head, grab a new strand from the left strand with your left hand. A new strand must be of the same size as the previous one.
4. Now cross the new strand from the left over the right strand, putting it on top, and press to the head with your left hand.
5. Use your right hand to get a new strand from the right. Cross the new right strand with the increased left strand, overlaying it on top, and press to the head with your right hand.
6. Repeat the step 5 till the hair braid reach the neck.
7. Continue to weave a “fishtail” hair braid, pulling strands from the “horse’s tail” and twisting their center. (Although the hair isn’t fixed with an elastic, it will still come down along the back as a “horse’s tail”).
8. Fasten the end of the hair braid with an elastic band. If you prefer, you can pin hair ornaments.

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Tarjeta En Pergamino Primera Comunion

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