25th October 2014
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"Tamil Ponnu Koothi"

Hairstyles for men with long hair

Like women, men also have a wish to look handsome. There are many kinds of men’s hair styles to fulfill this wish. Men’s hair styles show men’s nature. Men have short, medium and long lengths in hair. Short hair shows serious nature of men while in long hair, men have carefree and flirty look.

Men can curl long hair. Many actors and celebrities love to have long curly and long wavy hair. Beach hair style is very sexy. To add movement in long hair, boys also like to cut long hair at ends in layering form. The beach hair style with ends of layering looks very dashing.  This hair styles can be used as casual hair style with casual dresses.

Hairstyles for men - Haircuts for men

But this hair style is also used as formal hair style with formal dresses. So, this hair style acts both as formal and casual. Ombre highlight is very interesting because in long hair, color gets gradually light from roots to ends in the same shade. In long straight hair, layer hair cut is also very demanding in young boys.

Hairstyles for men - Haircuts for men

Boys like to dress this hair cut in side partition. Shaggy hair style is also made in long hair. The shaggy and layer hair cuts are popular hairstyles for 2013 men with long hair. Shaggy hair styles also show the rebellious nature of users. Classical long hair looks good at any age. Thick hair looks mysterious and handsome while thin hair does not look handsome in long length.

Hairstyles for men - Haircuts for men

So, hair volume and hair textures have importance while deciding a hair style. Regular trimming is required to keep long hair healthy. Men also have bob hair style. There are also some traditional hair styles in long hair. Black men love to knit long hair in deadlocks. Cornrows hair style is also a traditional hair style of black men. Now the straight and sleek long hair is demanding instead of premed hair. Men also can make ponytail with long straight hair.

Hairstyles for men - Haircuts for men

But this ponytail must be made at the nape of the neck. The sports man usually has this hair style because this is the need of sports man to keep face free from hair at working hours. So, it can be said that professions also demand specific hair styles. Men like to make spikes with hair. To make this hair style, the upper central hair is cut short and sides are cut long.

Tamil Ponnu Koothi

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