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Updos for Short Hair

Updos for Short Hair

Having short hair does not limit the hair styling options. While leaving those locks free is the most popular fashion trend for short hair, the updos are also a universal hit. Except for very short hair, updos remain a popular hair style. Whichever type of attire you don, there is always a suitable updo hairstyle for a great looking you. Right hairstyle is the primary factor that adds to your appearance. The popularity of updos is so high due to the comfy yet formal look which they can impart to your face. The casual updos are a hit not only amongst the runway models, but every other teenager can be seen flaunting these. So want to stay in vogue with the latest updo hairstyle trends for small hair? Then go through these cute updos for short hair.

Best Updos for Short Hair

Twist and Fix
This is one of the easy ways to do your hair and get ready in minutes. All you need is a hair clamp, that is a sleek and trendy hair clip to finish this look. Grab your hair, after brushing them smooth, twist them inwards and let an inch or two of ends stay feather-like at the top from center of the twist. Secure this twisted hair with the hair clamp and have a look. If you are sporting fringes, keep a few strands on your face and pin back the rest of it.

Bow to Bun
This is amongst the cute updos for short hair which you can wear on skirts and thin strapped tops. Tie your hair in pony using a rubber. A mid or low pony is best depending upon the length of your hair. Next, take a strand from pony and twist it around your fingers. Now remove your finger and secure twisted strand just besides the rubber using bobby pin. Take next strand and follow the same procedure. You can pin these strands all around the rubber band and convert your bow into a bun. This short hair updos can be best paired with side fringes.

Messy Updo
If you are blessed with those cute wavy locks, this is the best hairstyle for you. Be it summer or winters, this hairdo is definitely going to give you a cool and classy look. Messy updo, as the name suggests, are easy hair updos that need not be done following a set of rules or a step by step procedure. These are versatile and go well on hair of any style, texture and length. Definitely those having curly or wavy hair have advantage of skipping the curling process. Tie a high pony and start pinning the strands out of it in random fashion. ‘Random’ is essential to create that ‘messy’ look. Have your fringes rest free on your face instead of tucking them back. Messy style is also amongst popular updos for short hair for weddings and special occasions.

Clip the Curls
For small hair that can’t be tied into pony or clamps to further make an updo, here’s a trick. Well, this is one of the easy updos for short hair that works out really well if done in the right way. You will need to add curls at the ends before starting the hairstyle and use a styling gel and spray to secure the curls for a day long look. Comb hair to de-tangle it and start off. You will need a few narrow pins or bobby pins. Now pull your front hair back and secure with horizontal pins just below the crown. Take hair from both sides of ear and secure them with pins just below the crown. Take up all hair from your nape till the corn and secure with pins. You will have free hair in center collected from all sides. Now curl and turn them outward and use a hair spray or hair wax to secure the look.

These were some updos for short hair that are easy to wear and will give you a maintenance free, day long look. So want to become a cool beauty with tied up hair and stylish glares? Then what are you waiting for, get your hair styled in an ultra modish updo!

By Mamta Mule

Sopa De Letras De Los Diez Mandamientos

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