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French Twist Hairstyles: Instructions on How to Do a French Twist

French Twist Hairstyles

French twist hairstyles are considered to be a cute and refined way to hold your hair. French twist hair go well on formal and informal occasions. It is great to wear a French twist hairstyle on your prom night, first date or for interviews. This hairstyle requires long or shoulder length hair. Celebrity actresses like Kirstie Alley , Rachael Weisz, Mena Suvari, Andrea Bowen and Katherine Heigl, have all tried the French twist hair. If you want to give a classy look to your personality, then try the French twist hairstyle. This Buzzle article will cover simple French twist instructions that will help you try this classic look.

How to do a French Twist?
Before starting with your French twist hairstyle, keep plenty of pins and a comb at hand. Wash and condition hair before styling. Towel dry your hair. You can make your hair wavy or straight depending on the look you want in the end. The next step is to untangle your hair with a wide toothed comb. You have to remove all the knots and smoothen hair using your comb.

French Twist Hairstyles

Now part your hair from the front according to the look you want to create. Hold the hair in your hand at the nape in a ponytail. Twist your hair two to three times. You should feel the twist tighten at the nape. Fold the twisted pony tail about a third of the twisted hair length, from the top towards the nape of your neck. Now, fold the entire twisted pony tail down, under itself, so that it becomes less than half of its previous length. You should now curl the ponytail under your left hand such that it forms a hollow. Push the upper right portion of your hair into the hollow. Using bobby pins, hold the twist in place.

French Twist Hairstyles

The hair at end of the twist can be tucked inward into the twist near the crown using pins. Or you can leave it as a swooping roll at the top. You can curl the hair sticking out on the sides for a formal look or leave it, as it is, so as to get a casual look. You can use hair accessories like decorative pins, rhinestone or any fancy clips to decorate your hair around the French twist hair. Use ‘maximum hold hairspray’ to keep the twist in place.

Variations of French Twist Hairstyles
The French twist explained above is the classic style. You can try many modifications to enhance your looks. The few variations to the classic look are:

  • French twist with draped bangs
  • Messy twists
  • Business or formal French hair twist
  • Bridal French twist

You can carry out many variations while trying the French twist hairstyles. You can try hair color or hair highlights to enhance the look of French twist. It is an easy and simple hairstyle that can be completed within minutes with practice. Most women try to tie their hair in a sloppy French twist version when getting up from bed early morning. You can get a salon type look, if you try the French twist with patience. These hairstyles help you look sophisticated or gives you the girl-next-door look. Whatever may be your mantra, a French twist will always make you stand out.

By Batul Nafisa Baxamusa

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