31st October 2014
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The Newest Trend: The Scene Hairstyle

One of the newest trends in hairstyles today is the emo cut known as the scene cut, and this popular among teenage girls and younger women. It is one of the biggest trends today, and the reason it is named “scene” is because people who see those who wear this style say, “they are just trying to make a scene.” The scene cut is an emo hairstyle and the word “emo” is from the word “emotional” and those who are into the emo style are categorized as being very emotional. Emo is also a music genre and many people who take on the emo style are big fans of the music genre, and many of the artists within the genre started emo hairstyles such as the scene cut. The basic style for a scene cut includes choppy layers, with the shag look, and the top layers are short while the bottom layers are long (it seems like two haircuts into one; a short haircut topping a long one).
Cutting scene hair is not that difficult to do because the layers, and look in general, is meant to be uneven and messy. Before cutting you should straighten your hair to make the cutting easier, and before straightening you need to use a heat protector so not to cause damage to the hair (you do all of this after you wash and dry your hair). Next, brush through your hair detangling it and pull back a portion of you hair (the hair from behind your ears and on should be pulled out of the way), and then decide where you want to cut. When you have decided where to cut, then use your fingers to hold the hair at an angle, because this will give you defined layers and that is what the scene cut is all about. Then, when you are finished cutting that part of your hair with the scissors (making it as asymmetrical as possible), take down the rest of your hair and use a razor cutter (razor combs gives a messier look) to cut through the rest of your hair. Lift the back of your hair to where you can see it and cut it, which only a few strokes of the razor comb will give you the look you desire. The scene cut is meant to be asymmetrical (uneven) in all ways so if you mess up you really will not be able to tell.

Repair Handphone

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