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Brain is power house of the body so proper brain development in children is very necessary and it is duty of the parents to notice and irregularity and gets your child checked by doctor regularly for proper brain development in children. 
If we talk about brain development in children then we can divide this development in to two halves, one is development of brain in mother womb and other is development of brain after birth. 
brain development

Primary development of brain a child takes place in mother womb and first thirty six weeks of child in womb are vital for brain development as a child learns many primary things in mother womb in first thirty six weeks. At this stage, brain of baby starts to get shape and he slowly matures his senses. For example, it is in first thirty six weeks that baby develops taste buds and taste food which his mother intakes. 

brain development

Brain development of a bay is very slow process as it carries many other processes and it is in the pre-natal brain development that other developments are also made like a baby develops hearing sense, and sexual development and we can not believe that baby can have memories at this stage of his life. After taking birth, brain development of child helps him to make other connections. 
brain development

These connections help a baby to make a link with you with his voice and a baby uses all these connections to learn breathing, sucking and swallowing almost at the same time and it is development of the brain that your baby can speak and walk at his own. Development of a brain takes certain time to complete and you can not expect it to be fast because your child has to cope with the faster world. 

brain development

Development of brain continues day by day and when he will be at three months of age, he will start to recognize your voice as he had heard your voice more frequently when he was in womb so he become habituated with voice and put it in his memories so he can easily be familiar with it. Brain development is not a short process as it starts with start of life and ends with end of life. Brains of child have more plasticity and this is reason that they can learn things more than adults and memorize them. If you think that your child is taking too much time in learning then it does not mean that his brain is developing slowly. 

Recuerdos De Recien Nacidos

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