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How to Choose a Long Wedding Hairstyle

Weddings are a time of preparation. From preparing the guest list to selecting a wedding dress, it seems as if the decisions never end. This is a day you want to look your very best and after selecting your dress, the most important beauty decision you’ll make is how to wear your hair. If you have long hair, you have so many options when it comes to choosing a wedding hairstyle. You can let it hang long and loose in the style of a true romantic or upsweep it Victorian style for an elegant and sophisticated look. Are you at a loss on which way to go? Here’s how to choose a long wedding hairstyle: Long wedding hairstyle: Is down or upswept right for you?It’s important to feel comfortable with your hairstyle choice on your wedding day. If you’re most comfortable in long hair and have never worn your hair up, your wedding day may not be the time to start. Do what feels best and wear your hair in a long, loose wedding hairstyle. On the other hand if you feel comfortable with your hair up and receive compliments when you wear it that way, this can be your chance to show your more sophisticated side. Decide what works best for you. Don’t wear it up because it looks good in the bridal magazines. Long wedding hairstyle: Look at lots of hairstyle ideas before deciding.Spend several weeks leisurely browsing through hairstyle and wedding magazines cutting out photos of hairstyles you like. Place the photos into a scrapbook for easy access. Show the photos to your hair dresser as well as to family and friends to get their opinion about which would work best for your particular face and dress. Take into account your tiara if you’ll be wearing one. The earlier you start looking, the more comfortable you’ll likely be with your final decision. Do you really have the time and patience to have your hair sculpted into an elaborate up do? Also consider the texture of your hair, if your hair is naturally straight, don’t go against its natural texture by trying to create a mass of curls. You’ll weigh your hair down with too many hair products and too much hair spray.

Long wedding hairstyle: If you wear it downIf you decide to wear your long hair down, keep it simple while taking into consideration your hair’s natural texture. If your hair holds wave well, curl the ends of it loosely and let it hang long and flowing. Be sure to have the ends trimmed to make your hair look thick and healthy. Consider wearing a jeweled headband to add a more sophisticated look if you won’t be wearing a tiara. This is your chance to try a variety of pretty hair accessories with pearls and crystals. Spend some time at your local department store experimenting with hair accessories of all types to see which work best for you. Once you find the accessory style you like, check with your local bead store or bridal shop and see if you can have a similar accessory custom made with the stones of your choice. Other options are to braid your long hair in an elegant French braid and add some vintage jeweled combs to the sides. Why not try pulling your long hair to the side in a long ponytail with loose, wavy curls? This type of free flowing, casual hairstyle is perfect for an informal or outdoor wedding. Long hair worn loose can be particularly flattering if you’ll be wearing a bridal veil. Long wedding hairstyle: If you wear it upIf you have the face for it, a simple bun can look stunningly elegant. Add some vintage, jeweled or beaded hairsticks to the back or circle your bun with fresh flowers. If you have a long neck, this is a great way to accentuate it and it can be most effective in showing off your wedding jewelry. There are lots of variations on the upswept look ranging from loose styles with hanging tendrils to sleek French twists. Study bridal magazines for ideas that might work with your hair. Again, consider whether you’ll be wearing a bridal headpiece when you take your wedding hairstyle into account. Keep in mind that more elaborate styles may require the services of a hairdresser. Be sure this is something you can afford and don’t mind dealing with. When choosing a long wedding hairstyle, be sure to consider the time of day your wedding will be held, how formal it will be, and whether you want to use the services of a hairdresser. Plan your hairstyle down to the last detail well ahead of time. You don’t need any last minute hair problems on your wedding day!
By Kristie Leong M.D

Prevencion De Riesgos En La Casa

Ley 31/1995, de 8 de noviembre, de prevención de riesgos, 2. la presente ley no será de aplicación en aquellas actividades cuyas particularidades lo impidan en el ámbito de las funciones públicas de:. Centros para el control y la prevención de enfermedades cdc, Centros para el control y la prevención de enfermedades.. Srt - superintendencia de riesgos del trabajo, Superintendencia de riesgos del trabajo. sede central: bartolomé mitre 755, ciudad autónoma de buenos aires, república argentina.

Vida saludable - centros para el control y la prevención, ¡prepárese! mes nacional de la preparación. durante el mes de septiembre se realizarán actividades en todo el país promoviendo la preparación para emergencias.. Prevenzion | prevención de riesgos laborales, Portal de prevención de riegos laborales, seguridad y salud laboral con diferentes secciones: noticias, foros, blogs, descargas, vídeos. publicación gratuita de. Seguridad y salud laboral - wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre, Se denomina "riesgo laboral" a todo aquel aspecto del trabajo que tiene la potencialidad de causar un daño. la prevención de riesgos laborales es la disciplina que.

Ordenanza general de seguridad e higiene en el trabajo y, 2 indice ordenanza general de seguridad e higiene en el trabajo. condiciones generales de los centros de trabajo y de los mecanismos y medidas de. Prevención de adicciones en la adolescencia (página 2, Definición de drogadicción. ¿qué son las drogas?. ¿qué es la adicción a las drogas?. la drogadicción como enfermedad. efectos y motivos del consumo de drogas.. Real decreto 39/1997, de 17 de enero, por el que se, Expandir / contraer índice sistemático; preÁmbulo; capitulo i. disposiciones generales. artículo 1 integración de la actividad preventiva en la empresa.

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