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Short Hair Trend Prediction for 2012

Women's Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend Prediction
Short hairstyles never go out of fashion as long as people still value the simplicity and versatility. When wearing a short hair, a woman will not be burdened with complicated hair maintenance. If you are a very active woman and has many other things to think about, besides keeping your hair, you can not argue that short hairstyles are right for you.

In 2011, short haircuts for women most popular are the bob and the pixie cut. Many celebrities have been sporting both short hairstyles and obtained a positive reaction from fans and fashion experts. With the right facial textures and cheekbones, bob and pixie haircut can complement the appearance of women, without making them look youthful.

Women's Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend PredictionHowever, the cropped pixie haircut is not suitable for everyone. It is more appropriate for people with high cheekbones and short face. Thus, the haircut user’s gaze complement rather than make her look as a child. However, if you have good facial features and the guts to try, a pixie cut and asymmetrical layers that look good on you. Consult with your stylist before you decide to try this hairstyle.
Women's Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend Prediction
On the other hand, if you want a short haircut pixie longer than you can opt for the bob hairstyle. Adding layers of your hair will also look stylish. For a bolder look, choose the look disheveled and dirty for her bob haircut. However, if you prefer a more elegant, a hair straightener and other hair products are the ones who have the tools for a perfect straight bob.

Women's Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend Prediction
Although 2012 does not go far, however, we predict that short hair trends for 2011 continue to be ‘in’ the next year. While the goblin bob and hairstyles are classics that never go out of style, there’s more options for you who are brave enough to wear short hair.

2012 still stand and crops and swept bangs side to go with short styles. For a bolder look, the more extreme as the court-inspired punk is supposed to exist.
Women's Hairstyles For 2012: Short Hair Trend Prediction
Instead of light-colored hair, it seems that 2012 is the year of colors. More highlights will be short haircut for more definitive. Besides, women are encouraged to dye their hair to make it look more elegant. For a more festive touch, hair extensions feathers have become a trend in 2011 can still occur in 2012 to decorate and the definition of short hairstyles.

Pensamientos Para La Clausura De Preescolar

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