26th October 2014
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A speedy way to find gorgeous stylish haircuts

Many women desire for a stylish haircut. However, with the hundreds of hairstyles you can find online, it’s really difficult to find one that would suit your face.

Also, a haircut that looks great on your friend, or a celebrity haircut, may turn out to be disappointing for you. That’s as your face shape may not suit that haircut that has caught your eye.

So, what are your options? Well, this is what most women would do:

1) Identify their face shape
2) Nail down haircuts to avoid
3) Browse hairstyle magazines and websites for celebrity haircuts
4) Print out a photograph of a desired haircut
5) Pay a visit to the hairstylist, and show him or her the photograph

The fact is, THERE IS AN EASIER WAY to a gorgeous haircut. Online hairstyle editing software makes you see yourself in the haircut you desire. This is not new as many hair salons are already using this software.

While this expensive software is used to help their clients decide which hair they’d like, the good news is that you can select a stylish haircut from the comfort of your own home!

Also, with the easy-to-use color palette, you can even decide to change the color of your hair if you want. You no longer have to worry if a hair color suits your skin tone. It doesn’t matter if you are considering celebrity haircuts or elaborate wedding or prom hairstyles. You can spend hours previewing what looks best on you!

There are only three simple steps to using the online hairstyle editing software. First, get a friend to take a digital photograph of you.

Forward facing shots are good, and make sure you are smiling to get the best effect out of the software. Stand against a white wall or a white colored background, and ensure that your hair is pulled back, with ears exposed.

Then, upload your picture to the online hairstyle editing software.

Finally, use the features in the software to crop your natural hair from the image. Select a stylish haircut from our hairstyle templates, and resize it to fit your face. If you’d like to color your hair, select from the palette of colors available.

With a save and print feature, you can then bring the photo to the hair salon to show them EXACTLY what you want!

And, how much is this online hairstyle editing software? ONLY $9.99 a year!


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Paysage Du Monde Fond Decran

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