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8 Hottest New Red Hair Color Ideas For 2014

Ever thought about coloring your hair red? Check out the mix of celebrities who are top redheads and our red hair color ideas for this season. From strawberry red to soft auburn,deep mahogany to rich color,there are many more red shades of hair than ever. We’ve found a wide range of gorgeous 
reds for a similarly wide range of complexions.

We found that Red hair is mysterious but eye-catching, a little exotic and quirky, too. And lately, it’s everywhere.Red hair only looks good if you have one of three skin tones: fair, fairer, and fairest,is it right? Well We’re here (along with Rihanna) to officially set the record straight: We’ve found a wide range of gorgeous reds for a similarly wide range of complexions.
Check out the mix of celebrities who are top redheads and our red hair color ideas for this season.Here’s how to get your perfect shade.

Red hair color ideas


Strawberry Blonde hair
Strawberry Blonde

Skin tone is a standout amongst the most critical elements to consider when going red, says Pierce. “Nicole [kidman]‘s skin is the most attractive of the reasonable, and this strawberry blonde shade has quite recently enough red to work with the pink suggestions in her skin,” he says. This scarcely red shade has a tendency to look prettiest on ladies with characteristically medium to dim blonde hair.

Nicole kidman strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde with caramel hair highlights


Rose McGowan Ginger Red Hair Color Ideas
Rose McGowan Ginger Red Hair Color Ideas

Going red isn’t generally about making a glaring difference between hair shade and skin. “The more olive tones you have in your skin, the deeper into the red range you can go,” Pierce says. An indication of tan blended in with copper warms Marcia Cross’ turn right toward the expansion of highlights: “The greatest slip-up any redhead can make is overhighlighting,” he says. “You do the greater part of that work to get perfect color, yet highlights simply subtract what you put in. Indeed shade ought to be the objective.”
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ginger Red Hair Color Ideas
Ginger Red



Discussing blurring, reds have a tendency to lose their brilliance speedier than different colors. Also when your red is as strong as Karen Elson’s, you need to keep it searching crisp to the extent that this would be possible. “Over-shampooing is the most obvious offender for blurring,” Pierce says. His answer? Cleanser hair three times each week at most, however flush and condition, particularly the finishes, day by day. He proposes utilizing a color ensuring equation, likedavines Alchemic System Shampoo and Conditioner(it comes in copper and red forms). 



apricot hair color idea
Apricot hair color

Christina Hendricks puts an energetic, young turn on red, superbly supplementing her water eyes. “The lighter your eyes are, the brighter you can go,” Pierce says. Anyway regardless of what shade of red you’re striving for, you generally need it to be dynamic. Ask your beautician to place color on all areas the roots, midshaft, and closes for the same time of time to anticipate blurring. “In the event that they’re using 40 minutes on the roots, they ought to use 40 minutes all around else,” he says. Putting the shade in effectively is key to enduring color.
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Redheads Christina Hendricks apricot


Ashley Greene's Cinnamon Highlights
Ashley Greene’s Cinnamon Highlights

“Seldom do you see green eyes with coppery hair shades in nature,” Pierce says. For ladies with green and tan eyes, the darker side of red is all the more complimenting. Julianne Moore’s unobtrusive methodology is flexible: “She has blushing, reasonable skin, yet those with olive hints and commonly tan hair can pull this off delightfully, as well,” he says. 

Julianne Moore CINNAMON red hair
Julianne Moore CINNAMON Red


Auburn red hair color idea
Auburn Red

Ellie Kemper’s chestnut-y take is a safe prologue to red. “It’s darker around the face and more copper towards the finishes, so its tender against her reasonable skin,” Pierce says. An alternate mystery to making red work: “Whether its through cosmetics or tinted foreheads, eyebrows sync everything together,” he says. On the off chance that you have tan eyes, lightening the foreheads a shade or two will diminish a look, while those with lighter eyes and hair can go a shade darker. 

auburn red hair color idea
Perfect Auburn Red
Ellie Kemper chestnut red hair
Ellie Kemper Chestnut red


Cherry Bomb red hair
Cherry Bomb red hair

There’s nothing common about Florence Welch’s sensational red hair, yet what’s the purpose of shade on the off chance that you can’t play around with it (particularly in case you’re a rock star)? She nails this supersaturated shade—likely made with lasting color without wandering into toon domain. One admonition: These changeless shades will just assume those with regularly light hair. “Individuals are pulled in to brilliant things,” he says. “Furthermore this is totally a magnet.”

Florence Welch CHERRY BOMB red
Florence Welch CHERRY BOMB Red


rosewood red hair color
Rosewood Red

Red might be almost as hot when its cool: A drop of violet brings profundity and lavishness to Ashley Greene’s woodsy red shade. (It’s most straightforward for characteristic brunettes with dull eyes to expert.) When you’ve gone red—regardless of which shade—hope to see your colorist like clockwork to keep up the power. 

Ashley Greene rosewood red
Ashley Greene rosewood red

To extend your shade to eight weeks, drop by your salon for a sparkling medicine in the middle of to revive your hair, Pierce told about that.

There are so many shades of red, a color chart can help you decide on a rich color that suits you perfectly before you color or enhance your natural hair.

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