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Blonde hairstyles 2013 : Most desirable hairstyles

Blonde hair is always considered as most adorable and desirable hair color by all women as any woman with this hair color looks very lovely and beautiful. In 2013 women are adopting this hair color for a change and very stylish look. The hairstyles can suit any blonde woman with any haircut like: long; medium; edgy; short; even very short hairstyles.

                       hairstyles- haircuts

All women who have blonde hairstyles 2013 can say that the up-coming year hairstyles would increase their femininity and beauty and they can really feel like a beauty goddess. Short hair is in trend and many women are adopting it by following the famous celebrities. Platinum blonde short hairstyle is very famous these days.
Many celebrities are wearing this hairstyle in this color which is almost white hue. For platinum blond look you have to bleach your hair for a long time. To cancel out the red and orange color you have to add purple and green toner, if you end up with a brassy tone. Cute blonde short hairstyles look very sexy they if they are cut and trimmed in the right way and layers are also beautifully cut.

hairstyles- haircuts

If you want a more dramatic and stylish appearance you can dye your hair in two colors. If you have natural black hair then you cannot dye your hair, you have to use high lift bleach for getting blonde sections for black women hairstyles 2013.

hairstyles- haircuts

Black brown and darkest brown colors look great in contrast to the blonde as it will look like a black. If you want to go lighter with your hair and you have dark brown or black hair then you have to bleach your hair to lift the color out of your cuticles. You will have to add moisture back into it otherwise bleach can damage your hair. The lighter you wish to have your hair the more you will have to strip it.

hairstyles- haircuts

If you want to add platinum blonde hairstyles then you should go to a hair colorist as they know the best that how to cancel out yellow and brassy tones associated with dark hair undertones.

hairstyles- haircuts

To keep your blonde hairstyles 2013 bright and to keep your hair from fading you should a shampoo which has a blue tint to it. Dirty blonde short hairstyle has more ash tones and they can bring out your facial features if you have green or blue eyes. 

Papel De Parede Para Celular 3d Flamengo

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