26th October 2014
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"Papel De Parede Animado Para Celular Samsung Galaxy Y"

The Modern Fad: The Emo Hairstyle

In the start of the 21st century, a new fashion came onto the scene, and every teenager around the world flocked to it – the emo look. Today, emo hairstyles are still popular, and not only among teens, but many women get their hair styled in this way. This look became very popular in the beginning of the 2000s and today it is twice as popular. Nevertheless, like with all fashions, people have stereotyped the people who wear this style as angry, depressed, and self-harmers (where most people only wear the style because it is the modern fad). There are a variety of emo hairstyles today (cut, color, length, etc.), and there are also different forms of this style (hard-core emo, toned-down emo, etc.). Many people have categorized emos as being depressed and wearing all black (even dyeing their hair black), but today the style mostly consists of clothing like tight pants and a long t-shirt with a favorite band name on it.
The emo hairstyles today come in all shades of color (it does not have to be all black hair), and all lengths of hair. The best look for getting the emo hairstyle is to get an asymmetrical cut, which means that the hair is different on both sides (usually one side is longer). Also, unevenness is the way to go, and many times the emo hairstyle has multiple layers in it and the top of the head to the chin are short while there are some longer strands of hair on the bottom (this is if you want the longer cut). Many short emo haircuts are shags and asymmetrical bobs, and this look is easy to cut on your own because it is meant to look uneven. Usually the bangs are side-swept and cover one eye, and you can add many different colors to your hair is you want, or leave it your natural color.
To take your normal hair and get emo layers, you first need to determine how many tiers (or sections) of layers you want. Depending on the length of hair the number of tiers can be anywhere from 3 to 4 layers, and if your hair is really long you should go with four. The next thing you need to do is section off your hair in three parts: the first section is from temple to temple, the second section is from the bottom of the ear to the other one, and the last section is what is left. Use hair ties or clips to secure all three sections, and then brush the first one (the top one) forward and bring your fingers down to about two inches below your nose. Then hold the section tightly and cut it, which you will do this process with the other sections (and because the sections are each a different length when you cut them this way, you will have gradual layers going down). Lastly, take shears and give the layered edges some jagged ends, and this will make the uneven, messy look you desire.

Papel De Parede Animado Para Celular Samsung Galaxy Y

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