1st November 2014
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"Palabras De Despedida Para Un Alumno"

Chinese Bun

I decided to make several experiments with hair buns. The first experiment is Chinese Bun. I’m sure most of you have already tried this hair style or others like this. But this is the first time I do it, so please don’t be too strict to me. I’ll try to explain the steps I’ve done to arrange hair in Chinese Bun:

1. Arrange your hair in a ponytail. You can place the ponytail high or low, this makes no big difference. It’s just to your preferences.

2. Put a hairstick horizontally in the root of the tail.

3. The next step is to divide hair into two equal parts. Put each part up, over and behind the hairstick.

4. Wrap the hair parts in opposite directions around the ponytail holder and loop around the hairstick.

5. Add hair pins, scrunchie, or other holders that will secure the bun on top or underneath.

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Palabras De Despedida Para Un Alumno

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Palabras de despedida ensayos gratis y trabajos, Palabras de despedida (1) palabras de despedida hoy nos graduamos el tiempo ha pasado, ya no somos aquellos chiquillos que comenzamos los seis maravillosos. » palabras largas de despedida - poemas de amor poesias y, Palabras largas de despedida :: poemas de amor, poemas para enamorar, poemas cortos, amor, consejos de amor, conquistas, poemas cortos para enviar, romanticos. Frases de amor y mas frases en frases de, Frases de amor y mas frases en frases de. busca la frases del tema que prefieras o de tu autor favorito. las mejores frases de amor , amistad , románticas, frases.

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