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"Palabras De Despedida Clausura Primaria"

The Modern Flip: The Dido Flip Hairstyle

There are many times throughout history where a hairstyle became popular because of a famous actress or singer who first started wearing it. This is true for a hairstyle known as the Dido flip, and it became popular in the early 21st century when the famous singer Dido Armstrong was first seen with her hair cut in this way. The Dido flip is a short haircut and is called a “flip” because it makes your head easy to flip back and forth because it is short, and it is cut like a short shag hairstyle. The Dido flip was talked about in the Sunday times after the artist received two awards at the Brit Awards in 2002, and, after this, the hairstyle took off as many women began requesting the Dido flip.
The style is still popular today as many women like the feel of the hair because it is light and free. The reason the style became so popular was because it was an ordinary everyday look, and during the 21st century women started going natural with their hair and makeup. Unlike many popular singers of that time, Dido’s hairstyle was natural so she looked like the everyday woman (which the natural look was her fashion statement and this became a popular statement during this era). Women of the 21st century sought fashion that was all about simplicity because, unlike the women of the past who did drastic things to their hair and fashion, they wanted to keep things simple and natural. Life in the 21st century didn’t allow women to spend too much time in front of the mirror because it was fast-paced, and so many women adopted the throw-and-go method.
The Dido flip is a perfect hairstyle for the throw-and-go method because all you need to do is blow-dry it after taking a shower, put some gel or hairspray in it, and then you are good to go. The Dido flip has not gone out of style since it started and many women are still seen with this haircut, even other famous women have been seen wearing this style at least once. Cutting the Dido flip is similar to cutting a short, choppy shag, and the best way to get this style is to go into a salon. This haircut is meant to accent the crown of the head and the back of the head, so it is usually cut at the nape of the neck and cut around the ears to frame the face.

Palabras De Despedida Clausura Primaria

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