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Hair Extensions: How they work?

You may wonder what to do to get long hair? It may take 5-6 years to grow your hair long enough to boast an impressive layered hair style. Is there any way to make this happen much faster and almost immediately? Surely, there is.

Hair extensions is the quickest way to get long hair immediately, without the need to wait for so many years.

Since such a wonderful transformation will remain a secret between you and your hair designer, you will undoubtedly make a lasting impression on friends, colleagues and, of course, the beloved man who will probably like your cute long hair.

Hair extensions is a modern miracle that can instantly transform any girl by giving her the desired cascade of curly hair or a famous braid below her waist line. You can grow your hair within just a few hours and will completely change your image. It’s real!

If you are intrigued and what to know more about what to do to get long hair, you will probably find the following information useful.

With hair extensions, you can grow your hair to 100 or 175 cm (70 inches) long, increase its volume in two or three times, and at the same time you may choose to change the hair color, do coloring or highlights without coloring your “native” hair.

In addition, you can make a zonal hair extension, i.e. to lengthen hair bangs or hair in the temporal or occipital area. In addition, hair extensions make it possible to forget all about tiresome hours that we spend on hair styling and waving our unruly curls for curly hair.

How to get hair extensions?

1. Hair extensions micro loops

This is a revolutionary technology that combines all the advantages of micro beads and capsular hair extensions.

Micro hair loops are the fastest and safest hair extension system. You will spend just an hour or so in your hair designer’s studio and will get the best flourish for any woman – a gorgeous human hair.

Thanks to hair extensions with micro loops, your hair will look so natural that it’s impossible to distinguish it from your own hair.

2. Hair extensions micro ring (microcapsules)

Growing hair using keratin micro rings or capsules is a very popular technique in hair extension and it’s actually the most reliable and can last very long.

Because size does matter, many hair extension companies use smaller rings and capsules that are more comfortable to wear and women may feel more confident with these hair extensions.

The advantage of microcapsules is obvious.

You will be happy to learn that there are new hair extension clips available that are only 0.3 mm in diameter. Just imagine how small, thin and absolutely flat are these hair clips!

Improved keratin and human hair of different colors will make the clip even more invisible and durable.

3. Chignon braids or hair extensions with micro beads

In addition to weaving hair braids, these extensions are ideal for designing evening and bridal hairstyles.

They have a very comfortable and unobtrusive loop that secures the extension and makes it very durable.

You can also arrange your new hair extension in a ponytail. This is a really versatile hairpiece!

Where to find hair extensions?

Padre Del Humanismo

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