1st November 2014
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The Elegant Pompadour Hairstyle

The pompadour has regained popularity in the last couple of years during the first part of the 21st century. Though, unlike in the 1950s where it was popular only among men, today mostly women wear the style. The style is worn for both special occasions and everyday life for women, and the size of the pompadour differs with the preference of the wearer. Most women wear the pompadour where it is noticeable but not overpowering the rest of their hair, while other women where the style high on top of their head and it is similar to the old fashion ones – but with a modern swing. The name comes from the first women who ever wore the style, Madame de Pompadour (1721-1764), who was the mistress of King Louis XV. The pompadour style is basically the front of the hair brushed up and ratted or teased to make a pouf from the forehead to the back of the top of the head, and then the hair can be styled in any way desired.
The pompadour is an elegant hairstyle and even the everyday pompadour will give your hairstyle a sense of elegance. To accomplish the typical daily pompadour, you will first need to leave your hair unwashed because this will make the pouf effect of the pompadour more noticeable. Then, take a section of your hair from atop your head, which you can have the pompadour cover your whole front portion of the head or just a narrow portion. Section off the portion of hair you have chosen to use, and take one of the sections and backcomb it, which this will give it the pouf you want and then use a pin to secure it.
After going through the pompadour process, you can do whatever you would like to with the rest of your hair. Two popular ways to wear your hair with the modern pompadour is to straighten you hair and leave it down, or many time you will see women put their hair in a ponytail with this style. There are a lot of up-dos that have a pompadour in the front and a lot of actresses are seen wearing this style, whether it is for a special occasion or for their everyday lives. Sometimes women will wear a halfway pompadour, and this is where only a small portion of their hair (usually from the forehead to the middle of the top of the head) is pulled back into a pompadour. Usually it is the narrow style, so the majority of the hair is loose.

My Fruits Forum Models

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