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"Motivos Para Tarjetas De Confirmacion"

The Unique Wedge Hairstyle

The wedge hairstyle is another variation of the bob cut, and the reason it is called “wedge” is because the bangs are cut in a triangle and resemble a wedge. The bob cut has been around since the 1920s when women began doing drastic changes their hair because of women’s liberation rights. The 20s are usually called the “roaring twenties” because of the many changes that were occurring during that time, and their fashion changes helped pave the way to our modern trends. There are many ways to get your hair cut with the wedge style, but the preferred length for a wedge is short hair to shoulder-length hair. The wedge can be cut like a bob where it is shorter in the back than in the front, or it can be cut like a pageboy where the hair is the same level all around. The uniqueness of the wedge cut are the bangs, and they are usually long side-swept bangs.
Like with all bobs, there are many things you can do with a wedge cut to style it in the way you want. You can get layers added to the wedge, and if you want a messier look rather than the straight, clean cut then you can have the edges razor cut. If you like to keep the wedge clean cut then you can style it differently by curling the ends either out or in, and you can even add waves or curls to your style. Because the wedge is an adapted version of the bob, you can get it where it is cut either symmetrical or asymmetrical. The various things you can do to the wedge cut depend on your own personal preferences, but the traditional wedge is a straight, clean cut that is symmetrical.
To get this cut you first need to section the top part of the hair into five sections, which the first on is for the bangs and it is in front. How to do this is to part the hair down the middle, then add two more vertical parts (basically parting in the middle, so half of the half), and comb the two last parts together getting rid of the first part. Tie this in a hair tie, and then add four small sections around where the bangs are tied off. Next, cut the remaining hair the same length around (if you want it shorter in the back then start in the back and move forward at an angle). Do this with the rest of the hair this way, even the bangs, and this is the basic way a wedge cut is completed.

Motivos Para Tarjetas De Confirmacion

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Precious moments - my little house - portal infantil, Clic para ampliar la imagen ( gracias sophie vedron por compartirme estas imágenes tan tiernas de precious moments calendar ). Salvaje eventos on vimeo - vimeo, your videos belong here, Salvaje eventos outdoor se dedica a la organización de carreras de aventura y calle, eventos deportivos en general, corporativos a medida: team building y family…. 10 consejos clave para el cuidado de tus tarjetas de memoria, Soy un asiduo lector de dzoom muy útiles los consejos que se han dado, no solo para el cuidado de las tarjetas. felicitaciones muy sinceras por esos y otros consejos.

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