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"Modelos De Tarjetas De Grado"

How to Choose a Hair Style. Oval Face Type.

The face of each person is unique. Sometimes you can find similar people, but it is not exactly the same. Some faces seem to be beautiful, others are not, this perception is often individual. The criteria of beauty is also influenced by fashion and temporary era. If Jakonda lived in our days, she could hardly be described as beautiful, and instead the face of Nifertiti causes admiration even nowadays.

One of the important beauty criteria is a shape of face. With a correctly selected hairstyle the face can be adjusted to almost ideal.

So, the shape of face can be oval, elongated, round, square, triangle.

Oval face. This face shape is considered to be ideal. It is characterized by a smooth transition lines of forehead, temples, cheekbones and chin, which are shaped in an oval. For such a face come both long hair styles as well as any haircut. You can wear hair with a fringe and without it, hair up or down, smooth hair or lush frizz, parting of any type, hairstyles with open or hidden ears. Of course, even with the oval face you need to take into account such factors as the features and age. For example, if you have a low forehead, the parting line will only underline this shortcoming, a loose long hair for an older women is totally unacceptable.

Modelos De Tarjetas De Grado

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