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"Modelos De Invitacion A Misas"

1950s hairstyles

In 1950, the middle of the 20the century, the girls used hair styles as a mean of being prominent in a party. If the women and girls of the 1950s had the medium length hair then they love to tease hair from back to front.

                                hairstyles- haircuts
This teasing of back combing creates a high and rich volume of hair. Then the girls and women use the front hair in side swept. They add the wavy curls at the front hair. The women who possessed the long hair loved to make the low and heavy buns.

For this hair style, the ponytail at back was made. All the hairs are curled in wavy look. Then these curly locks were rolled and fixed with bobby pins one by one. The rolling should be loose which create the volume.

hairstyles- haircuts

The girls could make the bangs at home. The buns were used in all over the world. Especially the celebrities of eastern countries loved to make buns. So, it was one of the popular 1950s hairstyles. In 1950, the shinning and glossy hair was demanded. For this purpose the lots of brushing was required. The curly hair was used to smoother to have a nice texture.

hairstyles- haircuts

The French twist hair was also one of the famous 1950s hairstyles. The lengthy and straight hair was demanded. All the hair was placed on one side and the pins were fixed to set the hair in side. Wrap the hair around the thumb and twisted it up to in the cone shape.

hairstyles- haircuts

This cone was hold with other fingers. This cone was placed with bobby pins. Then the bristle brush was used to set the hair. Braided hair styles were also the famous hair styles.

hairstyles- haircuts

The French, Dutch, and many other braids were made with full hair to create the beautiful hair styles.  The up do hair styles were also the demanding hair styles of 1950. Different kind of accessories was the mean things which were used to decorate the hair styles.  The rich volume hair styles are used to make.

hairstyles- haircuts

These hairs are set in different ways. So, the hair styles were the mean source of being beautiful. This thing was used since the beginning of fashion. It is true that the hair styles are given great importance in all ages. With the passage of time, its demand has no decrease but is increasing value.

Modelos De Invitacion A Misas

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