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"Mesa Tecnica Seech 2013"

Cognitive development in children

It is true that the child has an inborn ability to learn a special thing. This ability is found in less and large percentage in different children. Some children learn things promptly while some learn late. Basically the cognitive development means the process of remembering, recalling, and learning, distinguishing, thinking and making decisions. The child starts all these things from early childhood.

                            Cognitive development in children
A child can distinguish among sounds even when he or she is in the womb of mother. In this way, it can be said that the cognitive development in children is the natural process in children. This development continues from childhood from adulthood. The psychologists have learnt that the development process continue till four stages.

Those stages are the sensory motor nerve which is in the age of 3 to 6 months, the pre-operation stage which continues from 3 to 5 years, the third stage is concrete operating stage and the forth stage is formal operative stage. In the first stage, the children start to explore the surrounding unconsciously. But later on the children do the same things consciously. In this way, the children have a thirst to know about the hidden elements.

Cognitive development in children

That’s why, whenever the parents forbid a child to do something, the child feel curiosity to know the reason behind that thing. So, he or she repeated the same things and consequently, the child know the thing from the core. It can be said that the children always remain in the effort of discovering things and secrets. In the cognitive development in children, the children learn the good and bad.

Cognitive development in children

So, it can be said that with the growth of physical development, the mental capacity and cognitive ability increases. The children also learn many things by imitating their elders. So, the elders’ actions are also a source of learning and knowing about many things. In cognitive development the intelligence play an important role. Those children who have bright minds learn every thing quickly and also those children try to copy the same things.

Cognitive development in children

As the infant learns who his mother is and who his father is, this is the result of cognitive ability. In this way, the children differentiate between the members of their family and the stranger. The children’s shyness in the age of 7 months is also the result of cognitive ability. In this way, the cognitive development plays an important role in the learning of things fro children. 

Mesa Tecnica Seech 2013

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