30th October 2014
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Romantic Cascade Braid

How To :
- Make a dramatic side part on the far left side.
- Beginning at the side part, French braid along the front of the hairline, moving towards the right ear.
- Continue to braid, weaving in more and more hair as your work towards your right ear. Stop braiding just behind the right ear and secure with a dark or clear elastic.
- Take the remaining loose hair and curl 1-2″ sections with a large barrel curling iron or a flat iron.* Gently run your fingers through curls to separate.
- To finish the look, wrap curls around bottom of braid to cover the elastic.
- Add a light mist of hairspray. And your done!

    Source : Hair dos: How to create a romantic cascade braided headband with curls

    Mensajes Gratis A Todos Los Celulares

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