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"Mensajes De Bienvenida Al Ciclo Escolar En Primaria"

Healthy Brushing Techniques and Tips for Long Hair

I’ve known since I was a tiny tot that I would rebel against the mainstream hairstyles. I wanted long hair. I wanted the freedom of not worrying about my hair appointment or my hairstyle. I wanted the natural glory of unlimited locks – hair, glorious hair. Unfortunately, even for a quasi-hippy, the privilege of long hair carries some responsibility. The enemy of long hair is tangles and unhealthy locks. In order to keep my long hair long and not have a battle with daily nests that developed overnight I had to give in to a little hair care education and develop a plan. After all, no matter how earthy I was going I wanted long hair not long dread locks. Some easy to follow tips I have collected over my life with long locks will insure you will never have that moment of insanity as you reach for the scissors and whack it all off in order to by-pass the snarls.Natural Brushes – Expensive? Yes. I own two English brushes made of cherry wood by Kent. Kent Brushes was founded in 1777 by William Kent during the reign of George III. Kent uses only the finest natural boar bristles which maintain good hair condition. They keep my hair clean, shiny and tangle free. The natural bristles pick up dirt, pollution and excess hair products from the hair follicles. They stimulate the scalp and encourage hair growth. The added bonus is the natural oils called sebum that are produced in my scalp are released by the brushing with natural bristles, keeping my hair glossy. Synthetic bristles cannot do this and promote tangles.

Brush Style- Paddle brushes and chunky barrel brushes work best with long locks. Be very careful of barrel brushes and long hair…One wrong turn and oh, what a tangled web we weave! Proper Brushing – 1. To correctly brush healthy hair use your natural-bristle brush and begin brushing the hair from the bottom. Slowly work your way upward, removing tangles. The brush should slide smoothly through the hair from the scalp to the ends. 2. Now begin brushing your hair forward along the part of the hair working your way back toward the crown of the head.Alternate Brushing Style – I do this when I want the underneath nape/ neck area really brushed. 1. Bend forward with hair hanging in front. Bring your hair from the nape of the neck over the head. Brush from nape down. 2. Now stand straight again. Brush from the underside of the hair, strands to the ends. 3. Next brush the top with long, even strokes, smoothing the hair with your hands to reduce static electricity. Wet Head – When long hair is wet it is ‘stretchy” and vulnerable. Never use a brush on wet hair. Night Cap Anyone? – Tangles can be kept at bay with a good brushing at the end of the day and then a braid. Plaits keep your hair from developing so many knots during the night while you toss and turn. A bun is uncomfortable to sleep with so try a braided plait instead. 100 Strokes Myth -There is such as thing as too much brushing. Over-brushing can make your hair greasy and for thinning hair can actually cause it to worsen. Use common sense and healthy brushing habits. 3. Next you can brush all the hair forward, then reverse directions and brush the hair back and away from the face. Begin in the back and work your way forward

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Mensajes De Bienvenida Al Ciclo Escolar En Primaria

Mensaje de bienvenida al aÑo escolar 2013 - youtube, Nuestro colegio fermín tangüis para este año académico 2013 tiene una nueva propuesta en la educación. para esta ocasión el director, dr. ervis. Presentación "bienvenida al ciclo escolar 2011" - youtube, Presentación realizada en la tribuna monja blanca del estadio josé Ángel rossi de cobán, alta verapaz; en la bienvenida de alumnos al ciclo escolar. Mensaje de bienvenida del director al año escolar 2013, Como director del colegio me enorgullece dar la bienvenida a los estudiantes, docentes, administrativos y padres de familia, que conforman nuestro plantel.

Supervisión escolar zona 002 tantoyuca-norte, Supervisión escolar 002 http://www.blogger.com/profile/11815707568995678662 noreply@blogger.com blogger 476 1 25 tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-5577669250598246729.post. Bienvenidos al ciclo escolar 2013-2014 - blog de recursos, Esc. sec. ofic. nº 0846 "jaime sabines" gracias maestros por su destacada participaciÓn.. Informe anual de actividades, ciclo escolar 2012 2013, Informe anual de actividades de la escuela secundaria técnica n° 1 del distrito federal.

Supervisión zona escolar n°57, linares, n.l, Del 15 al 20 de agosto todo el personal de esta zona escolar asistimos a cursos en donde se abordaron importantes temas para nuestra superaciÓn profesional.. Escuela primaria josefa ortiz de dominguez, Ya pueden descargar el cuadernillo de estadística 911.3 para su llenado en borrador y revisión en espera de la fecha oficial de apertura del portal (probablemente. Test comprensiÓn lectora - reglas de ortografía, Página web dedicada a potenciar una ortografía práctica en primaria y secundaria, muy interactiva y basada en las tic, alejándose de repticiones, buscando una.

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