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"Mensaje Para Una Targeta De Un Difunto"

Ponytail and prom hairstyle ideas


Make three closely spaced ponytails and twist them into a pigtail. It looks rather original, yet simple. Or you can divide each hair tail in other two or three tails, fasten a rubber band or twist the tails together.

Prom hairstyles

If you have a wedding or meeting soon, it’s not necessary to arrange your hair high and leave a few curled locks at temples and then stuck a rose or something in your hair. In our time, this hairstyle looks ordinary and uninteresting. Believe me, a sleek high ponytail at the crown looks much more bright. A fixing hair band can be hidden with a strand of hair or a veil, if you are a bride.

You can also choose an extravagant hairstyle option. To do this, divide the tail into strands. Leave free some of them and put the other part in a random order to the base.

An unusual, yet very feminine version is an “almost tail.” At first, use hair spins to get soft curls. Then divide the hair into strands by the rim line. With studs, anchor the resulting strands at the nape.

Raised and randomly fixed curls also look gorgeous. You get a sort of an image of a Roman simpleton. Exposing the neck, casually falling curls emphasize your tenderness and sexuality.

These are just a few variations on the theme of long hairstyles. Long hair is a gift. Healthy and beautiful long hair is a luxury. A hairstyle means your personality and you can create anything with your hair, so be creative, try something new and enjoy!

Mensaje Para Una Targeta De Un Difunto

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