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"Medios De Transporte Confeccionados Con Materiales Reciclables"

How to Care for Long Hair

Elegant and versatile, long hair gives women many options when it comes to styling and creating new looks. From perms and temporary curls to braids and up-dos spilling curls out on all sides, women with long hair can create a variety of looks with simple styles and fashionable accessories. Long hair provides a carefree freedom that is balanced by the need for hair accessories, styling products and a little bit of know-how. Read up on new, fancy, funky or traditional hairstyles for long hair. See your stylist or merely check out the beauty aisles of your favorite stores for ideas. As far as accessorizing goes, try the following for a great new look:Headbands for low maintenance Hair scarves for a casual look Claw clips for a fun style Decorative bands for ponytails and pigtailsHairpins to twist hair atop head Combs for an elegant up-do Lots of little clips to create many hair twists* * *Long hair often requires special care and treatments to keep strands healthy, shiny and smooth. You may wish to check out different hair care products designed specifically for long hair. Follow these tips to care for your hair with an easy and convenient routine: When you apply conditioner to your hair, concentrate especially on the ends. Rub additional conditioning treatment into the tips of your hair to prevent split-end damage. You can also use a leave-in conditioner to treat dry ends on a normal basis.

As you dry your hair, take advantage of the hairdryer’s settings. Use warm airflow at first to dry your hair, and conclude with the cool setting to close the hair follicles. You can also dry your hair in sections by pinning most of your hair atop your head, releasing small sections and drying it in layers. Protect your hair from chemical, heat and sun damage. Long hair faces a great risk of irreparable damage when it comes to high levels of chemicals or extensive sun exposure. Try styling products that are gentle on your tresses and avoid overly exposing your hair to the sun and chemicals like the chlorine found in swimming pools. Also, allow your hair to dry naturally from time to time.Note: Many of these tips will also work for hair of shorter lengths. Precautions for Long HairWearing your hair long can be as much of a blessing as a curse – trust me, I know. I’ve worn my hair long for years and years, both as a child and through much of college and my adult life. I must admit that while I love many things about my long hair, I also have a few playful gripes. Long hair = easily trapped and caughtI may be the only person in the world to have done this, but somehow I don’t think so. As I enter the car, often on a windy day, sometimes my hair gets swept up in the air and catches between the door of the car. Long hair = athletic liabilityWhen it comes to sports, long hair can get in the way unless you tie it back securely. Have you ever play-fought with someone or wrestled around on the ground, only to find that the thing pinning you down isn’t even your opponent? With hair extending down to your lower back, it becomes easily trapped beneath you, holding you to the floor unless you physically release your hair from beneath you.Long hair = more to lose if problems ariseHave you ever gotten gum stuck in your hair? How about a bad haircut? Think about it this way – the more hair you have, the more you have to lose. Be careful with your hair so you don’t have bigger problems to deal with…like cutting away inches because of a bad style or cut. Long, flowing tresses give women many options for beautiful hairstyles and elegant appearances. Get creative with your hair and try new colors and styles just for fun. Add some playful accessories for a great new look or let your hair flow naturally beautiful and long.TIP: When you get tired of your lovely long hair, don’t just chop it off! Donate to Locks of Love (www.locksoflove.org), a nonprofit organization that creates custom hairpieces for children in need. A little girl will be so grateful!

By Kathryn M. D’Imperio

Medios De Transporte Confeccionados Con Materiales Reciclables

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