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"Manualidades Dia Del Padre Nivel Kinder"

How To Use Hair Color Chart – Shades Of Red Hair To Desire

The red shades have a coloring chart . Whenever you visit salon , your hair stylist may
 be wanted to know exactly what the level of red color you would like .
First thing you need to do as a colorist is discover what sort of red your customer is considering . In case you’re doing the shade at your home , you need to find out what 
shades you wish to have . 

I created this chart to explain the 3 primary red hair color groups . It’s crucial that 
you be aware of ,there are plenty of different shades for red hair .


One person’s chestnut is another person’s auburn , then one person’s copper is another person’s strawberry blonde . This red hair color chart information will give you a 
clear knowledge and also some thing to take with you while getting your hair color 
completed or looking for the appropriate box to apply at home . 

Red hair color

Below I’ve listed the 3 primary families of red-colored and some useful information regarding each one .

The red shades in 1 to 4 levels of the hair color chart probably the deepest and dark shades of the red.

red hair color chart
Red hair color

Dark shades of red hair color chart

Dark Cherry Red : The appearance of cherry red may appear much like burgundy or dark red .
But , the deep cherry red probably not purple .The color of cherry red shades is more of a dark red like the real cherries .

Mahogany : A number of the shades of reddish hair color chart take a term from genuine items , for example the term of fruits or food items . Mahogany is a kind of wood , that use to give a name for one of red shades . The mahogany red color is a combination between brown and red . This shades a lot more redd-ish , deeper and also brighter than auburn .

dark red hair color

Dark Auburn Red : This is a widely used deep red color . The term of “auburn” ensured that blond and coming from the Old French term of alborne . The shade of auburn is a combination of brown and red , which refer to as a reddish-brown shade .

Deep Burgundy : Burgundy is the name of a red wine . The red tones actually use burgundy term to clarify a reddish-purple hair color . This color a lot more purple and also rich than dark cherry red shade .

Medium shades of red hair color chart

The range of red shades levels 5 to 7 are known as the average reds . The medium reds are the colors that not very deep although not too light . 

red hair color chart

Neutral Copper : The mixture between orange and red tone known as copper . For the average reds , you can actually choose a neutral copper , which not very red or not too orange .
Exact Red : This red most likely have only with a people with organic red hair color .
Ginger : The ginger shade is comparable with auburn , however it is lighter.This color is usually great for people who have medium skin tones.

light shades of red hair color chart

The range of red shades levels 8 to 10 are the lighter shades of red . 
Light Strawberry Blonde : The mixture between red and blond is known as strawberry blond . But , this color is usually dominated by blond shade with a redd-ish tint .

Orange-Red : Look at the sexy vocalist of Paramore , Hayley William . She is looking super with an orange-red hair color .
Fire-engine Red : It is based off of the red color in fire engine . This color will get more attention in a crowd position .

Manualidades Dia Del Padre Nivel Kinder

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