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How to make the updo hairstyle

How to make the updo hairstyle

Tousled and towering, this has a great nonchalant French-film-star air.
IDEAL FOR : Hair with texture thick, curly or color-treated.
IT’s OKAY IF : It turns a little lopsided, That ust adds to the sexy bedhead feel.
How to :

  1. Backcomb the hair at the crown, here’s how : pull up a two-inch section of hair. then comb backward, in short, choppy movements
  2. Smooth the hair over the teased section, toward the bock of your head. you’ll undo some of the back-combing, but that okay.
  3. Gather hair at the nape, using your hand as an anchor, with your free hand; twist the loose portion all the way down to the ends.
  4. Flip the twisted section up against the back of your head, tucking the ends into the base of the twist. holding the twist in place, secure with hairpins

Source : haircolorsideas.com

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Manualidades Con Bajalengua

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