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"Listasal De El Salvador Mensajitos Gratis"

Romantic French Twist

Romantic French Twist

How To :
- First, prepare damp hair with volumizer, and blow-dry it with a round boar-bristle brush. Then spritz on a lightweight texturizer for extra volume.
- Next, sweep hair into a low ponytail an inch or two away from the nape of your neck, and secure it with a clear band, Create volume at the crown by grasping a small piece of hair from the middle of the pony and holding it steady as you slide the elastic up toward your head with your other hand.
- Position one hand at the center of the back of your head, fingers down, and use the other to wrap your ponytail around your index and middle fingers, forming a twist. Secure it along your head with large pins.
- Using your fingers, gently loosen strands at the crown and sides of your head, and around your face.
- Finish with firm-hold hair spray to make the look last.

    Source : DIY Wedding Hairstyles

    Listasal De El Salvador Mensajitos Gratis

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