1st November 2014
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How to Choose a Hair Style. Square Face Type

A square face type is characterized by a wide forehead, cheekbones, jaw and heavy chin.
Quadratic-faced person is usually characterized by a broad forhead, cheekbone, lower jaw and heavy chin. These people should leave open their forehead, lift hair above the forhead and make it split above. This visually lengthens the face. Such haircuts as chin length haircuts are a perfect match for this type of face. The hair will cover the angles of the face.

A good haircut should come up to the chin, and the hair will cover the the angles of the lower jaw. This will divert attention from some angularity and short “tousled” hair with a “torn” fringe in the middle of the forehead and some wavy or curly hair will softly frame the face.

In conclusion, I’d like to say a few words that you should not unnecessarily harass your feelings about the fact that your appearance has some deviation from the classical canons. After all, sometimes, we can turn our face disadvantages to unique appealing, bright, memorable and charming features!

Liseli Am Resimleri

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