1st November 2014
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Hair Bun With Ponytail

How to make a hair bun with ponytail

Most probably, you’ve tried some similar hairstyles and won’t find anything new here. But for me, this was a pretty new style to try on.

Here are several instructional steps on how to arrange your hair into a beautiful, yet simple hair bun with ponytail.

1. Make a half up ponytail closer to the top of your head. Part hair from ears and back, it must be about the half of your hair size. This is the part that will represent your pony tail in the completed hair style. Secure your ponytail with an elastic rubber or hair pin.

2. Take hair from below, and make a cinnamon bun around your ponytail (twist your hair aroung the middle of the ponytail).

3. Once the bun is completed, secure it with hair pins or sticks.

Here’s the hairstyle you will get:

Also, as a variant of this hair style that makes your bun look really huge, you can take your ponytail hair and twist it around the bun again and put all the hair into one big bun. Secure the bun with hair pins or use sticks.

Invitaciones Para Imprimir De Princesita Sofia

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