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5 Pretty Hair Color Shades For Women 2014

Hair color is considered in 2 methods : by the level and the shade .
Hair coloring level plays on a range of 1 to 10 with one being the darkest color , similar to jet-black and also 10 turning out to be the most light weighted color , just like platinum blonde .
Within each of the levels,there are the color pigments/tones —
-Eumelanin ( black-brown )
-Pheomelanin ( red-brown ) , 

which deals with the shade of the hair .Dark hair ( levels 1-4 ) , includes a lot of red pigments/tones and blonde hair ( levels 7-10 ) contains mostly golden pigments/tones . In case your hair tone is somewhere in between ( levels 5-6 ) , you’re most likely going have a lot more orange pigments ,a mixture of the reddish yellow. 


hair color

As an example blonde shades are generally combined with much cooler tones to create a hair color similar to ash blonde or bubbly .

This procedure should be considered to almost all colors for to match anyone’s desire. 

Blonde Hair

The majority of mature women with blonde hair are in fact not organically blonde .
Since we grow older ,natural blondes will definitely turn darker , with a style of dirty blonde hair .The best part is dishwater blonde creates an excellent base for highlights or balayage . If you ever wish to blonde ,consider you might have to create a couple of trips to the beauty salon to lighten hair .
Still blonde hair continues to be the hottest hair color in America .If you’re thinking about using the plunge and going blonde ,make sure that you’ll look great as a blonde .
you need to consider your skin tone and  Eye Color

blonde hair color


Shades of Blonde hair

  • Strawberry 
  • Platinum  
  • Dark
  • Honey

Brown Hair

Most brunettes are categorized in the 2 to 5 range ,which allows these to drive lighter or deeper ,as long as you turn 2 levels lighter ,you’re likely to get an extremely deep rich,warm brown hair .
Simply because brunettes have solid underlying reddish pigments , using a color will probably remove the top color of the hair and enhance these types of reddish hues.
To get perfect shades of brown hair ,see your skin tone first .

Brunettes hair shades

  • Light Brown hair
  • Caramel highlights
  • Deep, Dark Brown hair
  • Chocolate Brunettes

Red Hair

Red is a colour ,it’s not a level ,for this reason it features its own ranges and shades.You need to know exactly how dark or light or cool or warm you would like it,because there are plenty of new variations .

As an example , level 3 equals a violet-red or cabernet .
level 4 can be more like a cooler red and level 5 is a gorgeous auburn color .
Levels 6 to 7 are warmer reds and
Levels 7 to 8 are strawberry blonde .
Whenever coloring or highlighting to secure a red hair ,its best to apply a brown-based tone to create richness and more like a genuine look . 

  • Copper
  • Brown red for brunette
  • Golden Light reds
  • Deep,dark ruby /Burgundy

Black/dark hair

Having jet-black hair doesn’t mean you don’t have innovative choices in terms of color and highlights .You just have to understand how to work with this kind of a dark color and also how you can suit it to your skintone .
Dark locks is an excellent statement if you have light eyes.

Dip-Dye Hair 

Dip-dye hair color has considered absolutely no signs of flagging in demand .Not only a style for teenagers ,dip-dye color — where the tips are dipped in color ,while the rest of the locks is left natural — is available for women of all ages.  

  •  Blue dye hair
  •  Red Ombre
  •  Light Ginger Hair Color Dye 
  •  Chestnut hair color 

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