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"Imagenes Para Imprimir De Falso Vitraux"

Fringe Hairstyles

Sometimes fringe plays a very important role in a hair-dress. By removing the fringe or, on the contrary, adding it, by changing its length or frames, you can transform the shape beyond recognition.

Fringe hairstyles can be divided on two groups:

  • Fringes that are a constructive element of the model. They are made along he hairstyling process. Once the process is complete, the fringe is combed out in a desirable direction and the ends of the fringe are framed in a proper way;
  • Fringes that are an independent element of a hair dress. The rest of a hairstyle can be of different shape and length. The fringe hairstyle in this case is independent and has its own value.

How correctly to make a fringe hairstyle and what techniques must be used?

Width and thickness of a fringe hairstyle

The fringe w idth is limited to the width of a forehead. It should not come out of temple hollows. Hair for a fringe is separated in a U-shaped mode, triangular or a hair parting, which is parallel to a line of hair growth. The thickness of a fringe depends on the wishes of a person. However the hair density is also very important. The more dense the fringe is, the more hair parting will be removed from a growth line. Someone likes a classical fringe hairstyle with the hair length hardly below the forehead middle. Others prefer a rather thin fringe which falls on eyes, at times hiding a sight. The third have got used to carry a dense bang almost from half of hair.

Classical fringes variants for various hairstyles

For the hair of any type and the most different length.
Tools: straight scissors, thinning shears, a hairbrush. It is possible to cut hair using razor, too. The hairstyle is done almost always on a wet hair. It always demands accuracy and carefulness.

Technics of a fringe hairstyle for an even-length hair

Such fringe is very good for thin or curly hair. To make such bang you’ll need to moisten hair, separate the fringe from the hair partings area and pin the fringe up. Then comb out the first lock and cut it at the necessary level. This first lock in this case is a control fringe. Then it is necessary to separate the next lock of hair through 1 sm a horizontal hair parting, both locks must be lifted using a hairbrush perpendicularly to the head and now you can cut off the hair at the level of a control lock. Go on and comb the locks up, cut them following the previous lock’s length. To make a fringe hairstyle you can use both a straight cut, and a pointing method. Once the fringe is cut, carefully comb the hair in a direction of its growth and check up a cut line – to make sure that the fringe is cut evenly or in the way you need. The last stage is thinning out the fringe.

Fluffy fringes with a one-line cut

Such fringes fit to a bob hairstyle. The length of a fringe can be any. You can have this fringe in the following way. Rectangular (or to be more exact, U-shaped) hair parting or a hair parting in the form of a triangle it is necessary to separate hair and pin it up. Make a hair parting for all the width of a fringe. The hair parting goes in a parallel line with the hair growth line on a distance of 1 cm. Comb up the extreme lock in the area of the hair growth and cut off the hair at a necessary length. Further the hairstyle is done using a “lock on a lock” technique. For this, the next locks are combed up in about 1 cm disance from each other, then comb the lock over the first lock and cut it at the same level (length).

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Imagenes Para Imprimir De Falso Vitraux

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