20th October 2014
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"Imagenes De Diplomas De Aprovechamiento De Kinder"

Long Hairstyles

Obviously, the fashion to wear sleek hair has long passed away. And who said that such hair looks beautiful? A hairstyle must be interesting, attractive and suitable for the situation. Now we see naturalism in fashion, sometime shabbiness and laconism, especially when we talk about long hair for every day. For a night, party hairstyle, womanish and at the same time simpleness is welcome in the first place. Let’s try to make something genial on our head. And as we know: all genial is yet simple.

Everyday Trendy Hairstyles

To create a sort of gentle negligence, comb your wet hair, then dry it with a hair dryer and bristle the hair roots from time to time. The main thing in this procedure is not to forget to apply mousse to the hair ends, so they do not stick out in all directions.

To make a hairstyle look more dynamic, as a final touch you can use one simple method that is very popular among hairstylers and barbers. Put the free hand on top of your head, holding the hair at the roots. Direct the hair dryer so that the air flow is on back of the head.

A light wave can be created by simple manipulations: twist the towel-dried hair in a knot, then dry them with a hair dryer and then untie the knot. If you make more than one knot, the volume of the hair will be increased.

If you want a french braid, you can learn how to french braid here.

Do you want to have waves and flocks? Braid your slightly damp hair in pigtails, dry well, and gently untwist the hair braids. As an option: the braids at the temples, and the remaining strands can be tied into a knot, then dry the hair with a dryer, and unbraid. That’s it, the image of a romantic lady is complete.

Naughty hairstyles

If you are an adventurer and do not mind making a row, then the following hairstyles options will be a good fit for you.

Hair braid.  Let us give it some carelessness. By spreading the hair into three strands, let us make a classic hair braid by alternately crossing its side locks with the one that appears in the center. After a couple of crossings, divide one of the side locks in half. The far side is left for later (it will no longer be involved in the process) and cross the other lock with the central one. Continue weaving a classic hair braid. Then, separate a bundle of hair strands from the other side and forget about it. Go on weaving the braid. After several crossings, repeat all over again. The result is a kind of an artfully disheveled hair braid.

 to be continued…

Imagenes De Diplomas De Aprovechamiento De Kinder

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