23rd October 2014
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"Imagenes Con Dichos De La Vida"

The New Chic and Sleek Ponytail Hairstyle

The ponytail is a hairstyle that has been around for centuries, and it is unclear to when women started wearing the style. It is called such because it is tied at the back of the head with the hair hanging loose down the back, and this resembled a horse’s tail (hence why it is called a ponytail). The popularity of the ponytail as an informal, casual hairstyle has been around for ages, and many times it is associated with only young girls. Nevertheless, today many women still wear this style because it is the easiest way to keep your hair out of your face and eyes. There was a time where the ponytail was connected to a “bad hair day” and you would simply throw-up your hair, but today it can be fitted to wear in all situations. This hairstyle that was once only used as an informal way to style hair has now become the most versatile style of today, and it can be fashioned for any occasion (school, office wear, exercising, and parties).
There are various, versatile styles the ponytail can be worn in today, and because it is one of the simplest ways to put your hair up you can put any type of ponytail up fast and easy. One of the ways to get a perfect ponytail is to first lift sections of your hair and backcomb them, so you get volume, and brush the outer layers of the hair without removing the volume to the hair. Brush your hair to where you want the ponytail to sit (side, top back of the head, or the nape of the neck etc.), and from this you spray some hairspray on the outside of the hair. Then secure it with a hair tie while you spray a little more hair spray, and then take a small piece of your hair from the ponytail and use it to go around the base (covering the hair tie).
This hairstyle can be worn in different areas of the head, and one of the popular places to put it today is on the side. A loose side ponytail is in style today, where in the 80s women wore tight side ponytails halfway up their head. Other styles include a pompadour (basically a large bump that is done by backcombing the hair) on the front of the head with a ponytail anywhere on the head. Another style is a high ponytail with your hair covering the elastic band, and this is an elegant, sleek look that many stars have adopted.

Imagenes Con Dichos De La Vida

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