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"Hojas Para Trabajar Con Nios De Preescolar"

Braided hairstyles

The braid is very ancient t and classical hair style, the women and girls of all over the world used to dress hair in braids in routine. But with the routine use, the braids are also used in prom parties. There are many braided hairstyles which have got world wide population. First the fish and French braids were popular as the prom hair styles but now many verities are seen in braids.

                       Braided hairstyles
The snake braid is very nice and attractive. The girls use to pin beads in this braid. The braids are also used to roll in the bun form. So, the braids can be used in making further hair styles. The snake, French, fish and three or four strands braids are made both in center and side. The natural and the artificial flowers are use to decorate these braided hairstyles.

Besides flowers, the scarf is used to wrap around the braids. Some girls like to make braids with all hair but some does not like this thing. They make tiny braids at different sections of head. These tiny braids which are made near the ears are used to wrap around the head to give the form of hair band.

Braided hairstyles

In this way, the girls make the braids at home with the help of mother and a friend. These braids can also be made near the nape of the neck which is placed on one shoulder. The braids can be made with all lengths of hair. The long hair gives chances to make long and fancy braids while the medium length hair help the girls in deciding the tiny braids are best for this length.

Braided hairstyles

So, the braids are the hair styles which are used on the wedding ceremony in the eastern countries. But this hairstyles can be copied in the western countries. The straight hair gives neat and tidy braids but the curly hairs are also used in making braids. The curly hair gives the messy looking braid but this kind of braid is also demanding.

Braided hairstyles

These braids can be made with the deep center partition of hair as well as the side partition of the hair. Now the zigzag line is used to make the braids. Braided bangs are also demanding. In this hair style four braids are made at one side of head and then these braids are used to place on the second side of head. These braids also cover some area of the forehead. So, the forehead looks nice.

Hojas Para Trabajar Con Nios De Preescolar

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