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"Hakenkreuz Tattoo"

Stylish Haircuts to suit your face

Does your hair bore you? Fancy a new look with a fresh new hairstyle? What you need is explore stylish haircuts. But what is the secret of finding a stylish haircut that would suit you?

Well, you have several options. The first thing is to look at hairstyle magazines and check out current popular hairstyles. Most people love to check out the haircuts of celebrities, and get a similar haircut themselves. For some people, this turns out well. For others, it may be a disaster!

How well your hairstyle turns out really depends on two things – the talent of your hairstylist, and the shape of your face. Yes, the fact is that not all hairstyles would suit your face perfectly. A hairstyle that looks great on your friend may turn out to be horrendous for you. Your stylist needs to recognize your unique features and suggest several stylish hair cuts that would be great for you.

If you have a heart shape face sort of like Nicole Ritchie, then you need to balance out your narrow jaw and wider forehead. Thus, stylish haircuts that would suit your face would be a short bob hairstyle, or long layered hair. Hairstyles with bangs would be good to cover that wide forehead, instead of off-center parts.

Square shape faces are wide at the forehead and square at the jaw. If this is you, a suitable stylish hairstyle would be one with layers around the cheek area. Medium length layers with center partings are great for square faces.

Typical diamond shape faces would be about equal length at the cheek bones, and narrower at the forehead and chin. With this shape, most hairstyles would give you a stylish look, as long as they do not cover your cheekbones!

Oval faces are balanced. A typical oval face would have a length that is 1.5 times longer than the width of the face. For a stylish haircut on an oval face, you have a choice of a bob hairstyle, or long hair cut with layers. Nevertheless, you won’t have to worry too much about unstylish haircuts, as most styles would suit you.

If your face is round, then you should avoid haircuts that would make your face look rounder than it already is. Long stylish haircuts would be great as the length will tend to make your face look longer. Short haircuts, such as the bob or wisps that are close to the cheeks should be avoided.

Oblong or long faces with length greater than width would go well with short stylish haircuts. Straight bobs with bangs, especially those that create body at the sides of the face would be great. Don’t make your face look longer with long straight hair. Look to Victoria Beckham for stylish haircut ideas if you have an oblong shape face!

Hakenkreuz Tattoo

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