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"Frases Para Tatuajes Hombres"

Braid Hair: Trendy Braided Hairstyles for Women

Braid hairstyles have been in fashion for a long time and are well-suited especially in summers or countries with hot weather. Braids keep hairs in control with style. Braid hairstyles make one of the most common and most favorite summer hairstyles however when styled with beauty, a trendy and chic braid can even be worn on formal functions like a prom or on a wedding. For those girls who want to sweep hairs off the face, a stylish braid does the task. Though braided hairstyles suits well long hairs, however some of the braided hairstyles may even be created creatively to suit medium length and short hairs. Here are certain common and easy braided hairstyles that can add an instant glam-our to your hairs and personality.

The Milk-Maid Braid:

This type of braid looks like a harder one however it is very easy to make and can be worn on formal occasions like a prom. Divide hairs in equal parts and make pigtails on both sides and secure them with a rubber-band. Now take both pig-tails and simply wrap them around the head in the form of head-bands and tuck the rough edges underneath the braid. Secure the whole hairdo with bobby pins and here you go with a most stylish braided hairdo.

Braided Head-Band:
This braided hairstyle is one most simple yet elegant hairstyle that will add an instant glamour to dull hairs. Take two-inch section of hairs from sides of hair towards the front end, braid them lightly in the normal braid and tie them with an elastic band. Now lift these two braids and tie them over the head in the form of a head band while tucking end underneath the braids and secure the braids with the bobby pins. Now back comb the rest of the hairs and let them fall loosely on the shoulders. This hairdo will give a look of braided head-band added to loose hairs.
Messy Side-Braid:
This simple and pretty style was seen worn by Selena Gomez and has been copied widely. Divide the hairs in three sections and tuck two sections behind the ears while braid the back-of-head section into a loose braid while pulling it over the shoulder giving an angle. Now tease the lowest part of each of the three sections giving them a messy look and volume. Now braid only the lowest parts of the front two sections and while twisting them with a finger, pin them behind the long braid with bobby pins. Spray with hair-spray to hold the look and don’t worry if it looks messy. That’s what this hairdo is all about.

Pull-Hair-Off-The-Face Braid:
This type of braid helps hairs stay off the face while adding style and glamour. Take two-inch strand of hairs from the front of the face and braid it loosely by keeping it slightly at a side to add angle and secure it with an elastic band. Now simply tuck it behind the ears while brushing the rest of the hairs keeping them natural and flowy.

Frases Para Tatuajes Hombres

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