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"Frases Para Entregar En Reunion De Padres"

Latest Men’s Hairstyles 2010

A Guide To Balding Men’s Hairstyles
This strategy only spells disaster even in the slightest of breezes and is to be avoided at all costs.

But assuming you already know this, what are the other do’s and don’ts to balding men’s hairstyles?

The first common mistake is combing the hair straight back. This may cover bald spots, but it only exposes the forehead and draws attention to the receding hairline.

The second is growing your hair longer at the back to make up for what’s lacking on top. This unbalances the head and draws even more attention to the scalp and the baldness.

Younger men with thinning hair might be tempted to use gel… but this isn’t recommended. Gel clumps your hair together and reveals the scalp.

Likewise, growing your hair long in an attempt to cover up actually causes hair to separate and show more scalp.

So, what are the do’s? Get more natural looking fluff to your hair by using mousses and conditioners. Grow your remaining hair by a few inches, get it layered and brush it forward to break up the receding hairline.

If your hairline isn’t receding too badly, but the top of your head is thinning, you can get away with keeping the front long and combing your hair straight back to cover the bald spot.

Eventually however, your bald spot will expand. The ultimate balding men’s hairstyle when faced with a shiny bald dome, is to go the whole hog and shave it off or at least a very close trim.

You’ll probably be amazed at people’s reactions and the compliments you’ll get – the shaved look is a totally acceptable balding hairstyle these days. Start with electric clippers like you find in the barbers. After you’ve clipped the heavy stuff, lather up with shaving gel. This gives you a closer, smoother shave than shaving cream.

Then using a razor, start at the top and shave down with the grain taking care at the back – it’s recommended to watch what you’re doing with a small mirror.

Shaving your head only takes a few minutes and you don’t need to do it every day (two to three times a week is fine).

Taking care of your new shaved head is much like taking care of your face. Wash regularly with moisturizing soap, rather than a harsh deodorant soap that can dry out the skin on your head. Also use a good quality moisturizer after every wash – cheaper moisturizers will just clog up your pores. For the summer, find a moisturizer with a sun protection factor of at least 15 to avoid sunburn on your head. And you’ll need a warm hat in winter to maintain your body heat.

Frases Para Entregar En Reunion De Padres

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