23rd October 2014
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How to prevent hair loss for men.

Hair loss for men due to several reasons such as diabetes mellitus, skin disorder caused by fungal infections, various bacteria, syphilis, HIV, shingles, stress and the absence of hormone. The use of certain drugs, be allergic, radiation, anemia patients, immune disorders bundle, hair too tight, braid to the scalp, and genetics. There is also a natural hair loss. Also known as male Baldness. This occurs only at the age of more male only. Hair loss for men is an issue that is very troubling because it makes men bad personality.

How to prevent hair loss for men.

1) Always survey the rate of hair loss for men at least once a week and observe the changes.
2) such behavior.
        2.1 How to wash your hair the right way. do not rub your hair harshly.  do not scratch the scalp.
        2.2 How to wipe the hair. Do not rub your hair with a towel. Because it makes the hair loss for men is higher than normal.
        2.3 Massage the scalp with both good and bad at the same time. In the event that there is no hair loss or hair loss as well. But if the people with hair loss and hair loss already. Will create additional problems.
        2.4 Do not puncture or scratch the scalp. Because it affect the amount of hair in particular scratch the scalp sharply time have itchy scalp. This will affect hair loss for men. Should be used comb gradually comb the area itch for relief itching said.
3) Clean the hair and scalp regularly.
4) The use of shampoo, use a shampoo to suit themselves. Should focus on the mild shampoo too (baby shampoo), the pH is alkaline (pH) of approximately 6.5 to 7.5.
5) Use chemical various as the crevice the hair, the gel, should be or should be avoided if possible.
6) Treatment and hair care should be focus on foods that are low in fat. Types of plants, fruits, bananas, pumpkin, sesame, seaweed, and the ice cream containing beta carotene, zinc, etc., which are present in many foods. To make hair roots strong.

Discussed above is how to prevent hair loss for men is a basic urge you to take care of your hair regularly.  If you have hair loss for men should consult a doctor.

Flores Y Mariposas De Papel Crepe

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