21st October 2014
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Try A Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle On Your Uploaded Photo First

You’ve loved her since she played the adorable and funny Rachel on Friends. For years, people couldn’t stop talking about Jennifer Aniston and her gorgeous hair! Now, years after the show has come to an end, Jennifer Aniston hairstyles are still among the most copied looks of all celebrity hairstyles. You’ve probably even wanted to try some of Jennifer’s hairstyles yourself! Let’s look at some more important points about the actual hairstyle.

Jennifer’s first highly popular hairstyle was a straightened, shoulder length bob, with face framing layers and ends that flipped up. This became the Rachel hairstyle when the Friends series first aired in 1994 and even now, more than 10 years later, women are mimicking the look with their own hair!

Almost every season of Friends saw Rachel in a new hairstyle – but Jennifer Aniston and her hairstylist, Christopher McMillan, typically preferred the long, sleek look with several layers – creating body and fullness. Jennifer Aniston’s natural hair is wavy, but she is most often seen with Sedu flat iron straightened locks.

You can try Jennifer’s look for yourself to see how you look with the celebrity’s signature hairstyle. Wash your hair with a conditioning shampoo and towel dry it flat. Use a leave – in conditioning product to help further flatten and soften your hair. Use a relaxing serum product with a sculpting gel and comb through damp hair. Finally, use a large round brush and a hair dryer (nozzle pointing down to reduce frizz) to completely dry your hair. This is a time consuming process, particularly if you have wavy hair and there are easier ways to see if you would like to wear the hairstyle more permanently.

Some website will let you upload your own photo and try a Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle on before you let your hair stylist loose!

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Fichas Para Colorear Preescolar

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