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How to do the Pob Hairstyles – Victoria Beckham’s Hairstyle

How to Do The Pob Hairstyles
1. Use a texturizing shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

2. Towel dry your hair and work in a small amount of anti-frizz balm and a dollop of volumizing mousse through your hair.

3. Using your hair dryer and a round brush, smooth hair towards your face, boosting more movement in your hair.

4. To style a cowlick, try blasting the heat on the unruly piece of hair first in one direction, then in the next direction, and after repeating a few times, the hair should sit the way you want.

5. Once dry, use a bit of pomade or wax to spike up the shorter pieces and seperate longer strands.

6. Use a small amount and rub between your hands to get the product soft, warm and pliable.

7. When your hair is styled, finish off with a touch of glossy shine serum and a spritz of finishing spray. Throughout the day you can touch and fluff up your hair.

8. Shorter styles usually require a bit more maintenance than longer ones. You’ll need to get regular trims every 4-6 weeks, and keep that color fresh as there is nowhere for roots to hide.

9. You won’t need to wash your hair everyday as choppier styles usually hold up well with slightly dirty hair.

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Feliz Graduacion

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