25th October 2014
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New hairstyles

Hair styles are the art which are used to enhance the personality and face features. In all over the world the hair styles are considered necessary for the preparation of a prom party. It can be said that with the passage of time, the craze of making hair styles are increasing.

                 hairstyles- haircuts
Not only the girls but also the men want to dress hair in unique styles. So, with this thirst, the hair stylists have made many kinds of new hairstyles. In this modern age, the curling is very popular and the curling hairs are dressed with backcombing at the front part of the head. 

In this way, the girls are vey fond of lifting locks and pin them up. Different kinds of hair clips are used to decorate the hair styles and hair. To have bang is the most demanding hair style now a day. The bang helps the girls to give a pleasant and smooth look.

hairstyles- haircuts

Further with the hair style of bang, the eyes have a prominent place on face. The wavy curls are also liked very much. With such hair, many new hairstyles are made. The girls like to bind the wavy curls in a high ponytail but like ponytail, they also like to have a low loop with wavy hair.

hairstyles- haircuts

This kind of hair style has a messy and crazy look. The high and low buns are also included in new prom hair styles. The rose bun is a new hair style. Besides of all these hair styles, the braided bun is also very popular.

hairstyles- haircuts

Girls love to have unique hair style for the prom night. That’s why, the girls like to make three or four strands braid which is wrapped in scarf for decoration. The making of knots is also popular in hair styles.

hairstyles- haircuts

These knots are decorated with color full beads. The straight hair is liked to cut in layered form. The tips of these layers are curled to give a volume touch to hair. The pixie hair style is popular for short hair. In this way, the medium and short lengths of hair are sue do to dress in a lots of ways.

hairstyles- haircuts

Often the girls do not like to comb the curly hair and like to give it the rough and messy look. These kinds of hair styles are sued with certain kinds of prom dresses. So, the hair styles can be determined according to the prom dress.

Etiquetas Para Chocolates Para Imprimir Gratis

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