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Short Asian hairstyles are very fascinating hairstyles. Short Asian hairstyles are versatile and change the look of Asian women. Many Asian women face the complication of selecting such a hairstyle which helps in looking them taller and bring out their unique facial shapes and features. The eyes, jaws and mouth are special features when it comes to the Asian women. Being Asian with short hairs is taken as a curse by many individuals. However, there are many popular short hairstyles like prom hairstyles and short Asian hairstyles which are adopted by Asian women. 

                             Short Asian hairstyle - Short Asian haircuts

Short Asian hairstyle is almo  st similar to the Asian bob. However, in this hairstyle bangs are required only to the nose length instead of longer asymmetrical bangs flowing downwards. The back of hairs kept shorter than the rest of hairs apart from bangs. If you will follow the following steps then you can easily make this hairstyle:

1-      First you have to select a color for short Asian hairstyle. You can go through the black or brown color which is common among Asians or you can use a bit lighter color.
2-      Second step is to wash the hairs and apply mousse while hairs are wet. Once you have done this, you must apply conditioner that can help the texture smooth and silky.
Short Asian hairstyle - Short Asian haircuts

3-      Prior to the beginning of hairstyle, you must use smoothing shine. This hair product will help in natural glow of the hairs.

4-      Once you have completed the above procedure, you must then part the hairs to the left. You can part the hairs to the right if you are comfortable with right side.
Short Asian hairstyle - Short Asian haircuts

5-      Take a hair dryer and blow dry the hairs in the direction of partition of hairs. If you blow at the back and sides of hairs, make sure that they are blown straight down.

Short Asian hairstyle - Short Asian haircuts

6-      Use a hair spray to fix the hairs.

For an adding effect, you must use bright and bold make up. This is especially true when it comes to the colors that you use on eyelids.
Short Asian hairstyle - Short Asian haircuts

Another short hairstyles 2013 popular among Indians is short bob. Here the idea is to cut the hairs in short bob and then treating and combing it so that the bobs lie to the left and right side rather than to the back of the head. Curly hairstyle among short Asian hairstyle is another style which is difficult for the non-Asians to replicate that exactly. For new ideas and Hairstyles please click Hairstyles 2012.

Enviar Sms Gratis A Cualquier Al Toke

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