30th October 2014
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The Modern Pageboy Hairstyle

There is one type of bob that has become very popular in the last couple of years, and that is the pageboy hairstyle (which the pageboy is just a form of the bob hairstyle). This style can be for any length of hair, but looks the best when the hair is short or shoulder length. The pageboy bob is a symmetrical cut (even), but unlike bobs the pageboy is cut straight across. The bob was first created in the 1920s, but the pageboy was not popular until the 1950s and 1960s, and it is named so because it was believed to be the haircut for English Paper boys. Today bobs are the most popular haircuts, and the pageboy is one of the top styles of bobs you can get that is worn by many of your favorite Hollywood stars. Often with all pageboy cut you will have bangs in the front that are cut straight across, and this is one of the ways to identify a pageboy from a regular bob.
A pageboy is cut with blunt edges and has blunt bangs, and, unlike some bobs, it does not angle upwards with the back being shorter than the front – it is the same level all the way around the head. There are so many things you can do with this cut, and because the pageboy is a little more shoulder length than the bob this makes it easy to style in various ways. You can curl, straighten, curl inward, and flip out your pageboy, and all of these styles will look great with your hair. Another style you can have with a pageboy is to razor cut the edges to give it more of a shag look (but not too much), and you can also add layers to your pageboy.
Because the pageboy is a form of a bob haircut that means that cutting it is similar to cutting a bob, and this is meant to be a symmetrical and blunt cut, so the process of cutting it is easy. First, section off the hair into four sections, and because this is a straight, blunt cut you can start at the front of the hair (cut the bangs last). Then, make sure you cut around the head at the same level the first section was cut in. If you want the front portion of the hair to be angled then you should begin at the back of the head, but most pageboys are not angled. To cut the bangs you need to section them off and make a straight blunt cut across.

Enviar Mensaje A Celular

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