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"Dia Del Logro Para Colorear"

Outside The Lines: The Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Symmetry and haircutting has always been hand-in-hand, and when people go to get their hair cut they usually want symmetric styles. Nevertheless in the 1980s a new type of hair came on the scene, and people began cutting their hair asymmetrical (which is basically where both side are not identical). This look in the 80s was usually seen with one side of the front of the hair (bangs) longer than another, or sometimes one side was completely cut off while the other side was long. Today the look is still popular, but it is cut differently, and the longer side of the bangs is subtler than how they were in the 80s. During the 21st century, the most popular asymmetrical cut was the asymmetrical bob, and this style usually has the hair shorter in the back and longer in the front. This made the bob the perfect cut for asymmetrical bangs, and it was one of the biggest styles among the stars.
Short hair looks the best with an asymmetrical cut because it shows off the distinct cut and the cut brings out the facial features by framing the face. There is a way to get an asymmetrical cut for long hair, and this is called the side-swept bangs, which the bangs are swept over to one side making them look longer than the other side. Side-swept bangs are a good asymmetrical look for long and medium hair because they blend in perfectly with layered hair. Other short hairstyles that look great with an asymmetrical cut include the shag, the long pixie, the emo cut, the pageboy, and the scene cut. Not only is the front cut asymmetrical, but the rest of the hair can also be cut that way as well, and because it is meant to be asymmetrical it can be uneven in many areas.
To cut an asymmetrical bob you need to first wash hair, and then part down the middle and divide hair from the crown to the nape of the neck to section off hair. Section off the hair starting with the nape of the neck going up to above the ears, and start cutting the sections of hair by going vertical (upward) with the scissors, not horizontal (straight across). Make sure to point-cut starting from the nape of the neck up, and then bring the top sections down and cut them at chin level because bobs are always shorter in the back and longer in front. Then cut your bangs asymmetrically by using the outer corner of the eyes, and cut the bangs diagonally.

Dia Del Logro Para Colorear

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