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Haircuts For Wavy Hair – 10 Simple Steps to Gorgeous Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair

Do you want to draw attention to yourself with your new haircut for wavy hair? Wavy hair is a great way to have style your hair many, many wonderful styles can become of it. There are lots of Indian, and Hollywood celebs that are using this look to draw plenty of attention.
In 10 simple steps you will have gorgeous wavy hair, and will never look back again:
1. Turn your hair upside down while spraying the roots. Do this after you just washed, and use a texture or volume spray. Massage it right into the pores. This will give your hair body and texture.
2. Apply straightening balm through your hair before you style it, if you want a more naturally coarse wavy hair.
3. Brushing your hair as often as possible will work the balm evenly throughout your hair. You will then want to blow dry, starting at the roots for maximum volume. You of course will have to dry your hair completely if you want to achieve this well.
4. Secure your hair in a clip, after you have made it into three sections, this makes for easy curling.
5. You will want to start with one section at a time. Spray your hair with styling gel, an inch part at a time. Wrap your hair around the curling iron, do not use the clip at this time, just wrap it around the barrel of the iron. This will allow your hair to curl all the way up to your roots. If you do not want to leave a crimp mark at the end of your hair, it would be best to leave the ends loose.
6. Roll curl, and pin close to your scalp.
7. The way your curls will turn out all depends on the direction of wrapping, and how tight the barrel is. Experiment with different directions, and tightness, to achieve different types of wavy hair.
8. After the pinned curls are cooled, you can let them loose.
9. You will want to gently dry your hair with the cool setting on your dryer, while you use your fingers to set the curls. DO NOT use a brush at all at this point.
10. Last thing you will want to do is set your hair with hairspray, just do not try to alter the look, which was done with the iron, otherwise you might have some artificial looking hair to deal with, meaning, you just might have to start from scratch, and we do not want that, now do we? However, the hairspray is vital to maintain your new look for a long period of time.

Having trouble getting your straight hair wavy? Do you have to resort to a stylist to get your sexy wavy hair? Save yourself a bunch of money and learn more about haircuts for wavy hair You will learn that and more when you go to
By Ashanna Ackland

Devocionales Cristianos Para Nios

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