23rd October 2014
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How to Make a French Twist (Instructions – 2)

Today, I’ll show you how to arrange your hair into a French Twist. You can take a look at some pictures styled in a French Twist first to get the idea about this hairstyle.

Step 1:
Take your hair and bring it up to make a pony tail. This is a crucial step.
P.S. You can fix the pony tail with a twistee or hair elastic. Pull the twistee up.

Step 2:
Make a firm twist and roll it clockwise or counter clockwise. Twist your hair all the way down up to the ends, or close to it anyway.

Step 3:
Lay your twist straight up the back of your head. Continue twisting. Pin hair starting from the bottom, hiding those pins inward where you don’t see them.

Step 4:
Pinch the roll in the middle and open it up just enough to sneak the ends inside. Or you can leave the ends loose and arrange them up your head.

Step 5:
Take hair pins or a hair comb and slide in the upper section, grabbing just a bit of hair in the twist and sliding it in and under, into the roll. Do the same for the lower section.

Step 6:
Once you have your French Twist in place, you can add sticks into the hair (if your hair is not long enough, consider hair extensions). Insert the stick in the ledge you’ve just created. Extend the stick to see one full edge, touch the tip to the skull and let it comfortably drag in the reverse direction across the skull as you bring it down into your hair design. Take the second stick and do the same.

Step 7:
To make your hair style firmer, you can add a bit of Aloe Vera Gel, oils, or hair spray, and smooth the sides down.

Your French Twist is now completed and you are ready to go.

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These are a few hair accessory that you may find useful while rolling a Frensh Twist:

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