22nd October 2014
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Hairstyles for 2012 – Hair with Bangs

Penelope Cruz’s hairstyle

Do you remember the hairstyle that probably made Tom Cruise’s character fall in love in Penelope Cruz in “Vanilla Sky”? Sophisticated Hollywood crowd believed that these shiny hair bangs made Penelope a real sweetie: so charming, lovely, mysterious, and unapproachable.

Hair with bangs has million benefits. For example, it makes a person memorable. The stranger may not know your name, but he will never forget the look out of an oblique, intriguing hair bang. What else?

Naomi’s hair bangs

Hair bangs lay special emphasis on eyes. Such expressive eyes of thick hair bangs owners, may take hours for makeup artists to reach the same effect playing with different shadows and feathered pens. Hair with bangs can also adjust the shape of the face: square and triangle faces look much more evenly with hair bangs. And most importantly, stylists believe that bangs can make any hair style more attractive and appealing. If you are unhappy with your hair – choose the most stylish hair bangs. Remember how Ann changed Hettuey in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada»? Chanel jacket and boots did their job, but a new shape of her fringe played its role. Do you want to add some luster? Hair with bangs can handle this so effectively as nothing can do.

Hairstyles with bangs 2011-2012 is a favorite topic for many ladies and are a good occasion for creativity.

What advice to follow?

So you’ve decided to make a fringe and think over the best effect you want to achieve with your hairstyle. It’s not as easy to choose from this variety of hair bangs and fringes. We visit many professional and celebrity hairstyles portals and forums, polls, friends, come to hair salons and ask for stylists’ portfolio. Making a haircut with bangs may be as difficult as handling curly hair. But trust me – it’s worth it!

Before you go to a hair salon, you should be armed with three pictures of hairstyles with the bang of your dreams. Why just three pictures of hairstyles? A good master will immediately screen the pictures not suitable for your oval face or the structure of your hair. You will probably be asked these questions:

How often you wash your hair?
How much time are you willing to spend to make a perfect hair style
How your hair behaves in bad weather when humidity is high?

Celebrity hairstyles with bangs

Carla Bruni’s hair

If you have a thin hair, devoid of the volume, select French hair bangs, like the ones worn by Sophie Marceau, Helen Roles, and Carla Bruni. Markedly shaped hair bangs are simple to use: they hold their shape very well all day long and look great even after gym or jogging.

The best candidates for this fringe: energetic girls fond of fitness and parties.

You’d better not try this hair style if you like to pull your hair in a ponytail or bun.

Keira Knightley’s hairstyle with bang

Keira Knightley’s hair bang has changed along with the style of the actress. Early in her career, when Keira tended toward vintage dresses, bags and bulk jockey boots, hair bangs were here good match – flying, a little disheveled and weightless. Along with the advent of full-evening dresses to the floor (instead of cute cocktail dresses) the celebrity’s hairstyle and the image was added with a long slanting bang.

Sandra Bullock’s fringe

Asymmetrical hair bangs like Sandra Bullock’s are all good, stylish, intriguing, tantalizing. Remove it from the face by turning your head – it’s a real pleasure. However, to wear this hairstyle, you should be a fan of hair with bangs; otherwise, hair will fall on your eyes at the most inopportune moments and may irritate you.

Who will like this hair style: those who know how to deal with hair and, most importantly, who wants to create new images following new trends in haircuts and styling fashion.

If you wear glasses, this hairstyle is not for you as you may feel uncomfortable.


Quite an extreme option:

- Bang-kok, like Emily Baker’s show from Dolce & Gabbana.

What is needed? Lots and lots of gel for styling hair and party with unbridled rock and roll!

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